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FAO Director-General meets Indonesia’s Agriculture Minister

The meeting focuses on marine resources and food security
©FAO Chinbold Dugermaa
José Graziano da Silva with Indonesia’s Agriculture Minister Suswono.

14 March 2014, Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia – FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva met with Indonesia’s Agriculture Minister Suswono on the sidelines of the 32nd FAO Asia-Pacific Regional Conference.

“The meeting with the DG was very productive, strengthening and deepening our long-standing partnership. In particular, the discussion on marine resources development was very interesting for Indonesia, because we are very keen to pursue this further as it relates to our country’s food security,” Suswono underlined after the meeting with FAO Director-General.

Minister Suswono and Graziano da Silva discussed food security management with a focus on food and agriculture policy making.