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FAO Director-General mourns the passing away of Don Tomás Balduino

Brazilian bishop dedicated his life to the poor of the land
Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT)
Don Tomás Balduino.

6 May 2014, Santiago de Chile, Chile -FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva expressed sadness today over the death of Don Tomás Balduino, Bishop Emeritus of the city of Goiás and founder of the Catholic Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) and the Pastoral Land Commission.

“Don Tomás Balduino was an example of dignity, courage and determination in his efforts to promote social justice and in defense of the rural poor,” Graziano da Silva said after learning of Don Tomás Balduino’s passing.

“He always recognized the potential that the vulnerable populations had and fought to give them the conditions to fully exercise their citizenship. Don Tomás Balduino has left us. But he has also left us the dream to build together a world that is more just,” the FAO chief added.

Don Tomás Balduíno passed away on 2 May 2014. He was 91 years old.