Director-General  QU Dongyu
A statement by FAO Director-General QU Dongyu

Joint Meeting

130th Session of the Program Committee
185th Session of the Finance Committee

Dr. QU Dongyu,

Director-General, FAO

Closing Remarks 26 March 2021

As prepared



Distinguished Delegates,

Colleagues, Friends,

1. We are at the end of a very intensive week.

2. I thank all Members of the Joint Meeting for their active participation and value their contributions.

3. We are living true multilateralism here at FAO that focusses on what joins us and brings good compromise and consensus.

4. A good balance, where we agree to disagree on some matters and at the same time move our important initiatives and activities forward, for the benefit of all Members.

5. But we need to make sure that political compromises are based on the best scientific evidence available.

6. And I urge you to look beyond the details of commas and dots and focus on the bigger picture. 

7. We cannot remain caught up in old bureaucratic and formalistic ways.

8. Because the global challenges around us are immense, and we need to focus on concrete action.

9. After a difficult year, there are now signs of hope and this means FAO needs to redouble its efforts on so many fronts.

  • Through our flagship initiatives and activities.
  • By providing technical guidance and support.
  • As a trusted, professional and neutral centre of excellence, science and knowledge.
  • By increasing our efforts to collaborate even more with the UN system, international organizations and financial institutions, the private sector and civil society.
  • And by continuing to improve and increase our impact and delivery at all levels.

10. FAO stands with farmers, fisherfolk, rural population, consumers and people all around the world; today and every day - in support and solidarity.

11. We will have to build the solidarity because food is a basic human right, bearing no political difference.

12. We need to bridge the differences on how to address the challenges, how to erase hunger and defeat poverty.  We need efficiency and effectiveness by rule-based governance, professional approach and cooperative spirit.

13. And we count on your continued support in this noble mission.

14. Thank you.