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The Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) is a regional platform, co-chaired by IGAD and FAO. Its goal is two-fold:

  • Providing an up-to-date food security and nutrition situation analysis (early warning)
  • Offering a forum to build consensus on critical issues facing policy and intervention 

FNSWG serves regional government, donor, and non-government agencies since 2006. Current membership counts to approx. 80 organizations (IGAD, UN agencies, NGO’s, donors, research institutions). Members contribute to the operation and content of the working group. IGAD is planning to utilize the FSNWG as a technical platform to inform and engage the wider developmental and humanitarian community on its regional resilience initiative. 

Three different channels have been set up to roll out the FSNWG:

  • Monthly meetings:

Each month members meet to be briefed on current food security conditions and other related topics. The FSNWG meetings provide government and non-government agencies an opportunity to meet and discuss programming, policy or research issues. A summarized update of the meeting is sent to a mailing list of over 800 people globally.

  • Technical sub-groups

In the technical sub-groups members can have in-depth discussions on specific topics in smaller groups. Each sub-group reports back to the plenary during the monthly meetings to further shape the regional agenda. Currently, four sub-groups are operational: Nutrition, Integrated Phase Classification (IPC), Livestock and Pastoralism; and Markets and Prices. An Agricultural sub-group is being set up.  

  • FSNWG website:

The website is a platform to promote the work of FSNWG members and the food security and nutrition agenda in Central and East Africa.