This manual on fish canning has been produced to augment the technical information on fish processing put out by the Fish Utilization and Marketing Service of the FAO Fishery Industries Division. As a teaching aid it provides material for a complete course on the canning of fish and will also be of value to those contemplating the establishment of fish canning operations.


The manual provides a background to the principles of canning and to the specification and construction of containers for the sterilization of fishery products. After describing the unit operations in fish canning the specific processes for the following types of canned fish products are detailed: sardine, tuna, salmon, crustaceans, molluscs and fish pastes. There is a section on equipment for fish canning and a final chapter on process control in fish canning operations.


FAO Fisheries Department
FAO Regional Fisheries Officers Limited H and P Selector

For bibliographic purposes this document should be cited as follows:

Warne, D., Manual on fish canning. FAO 1988 Fish Tech. Pap., (285):71 p.