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Abattoirs N10

Abscission F62

Academic agricultural education C10

Access to land E11

Accident benefits E50

Accident prevention education programmes E50

Acid rain T01

Advertising E70

Advice to farmers C20

Advisory centres C20

Advisory officers C20

Aerial photogrammetry U40

Aerial photography U40

Aerial propagation F02

Aerial sowing F01

Aerial surveys U40

Afforestation K10

Aggregate farm accounts E20

Agrarian systems E90

Agricultural administration (at the governmental level; not to be confused with agricultural management) D10

Agricultural advisory work C20

Agricultural apprenticeship C10

Agricultural banks E13

Agricultural broadcasts (radio and television) C20

Agricultural buildings N10

Agricultural colleges C10

Agricultural cooperation E14

Agricultural credit E13

Agricultural development E14

Agricultural development policies E14

Agricultural economics in general E10

Agricultural education C10

Agricultural engineering N01

Agricultural enterprises E20

Agricultural extension C20

Agricultural finance E13

Agricultural financial policies E13

Agricultural households E80

Agricultural industries E21

Agricultural information services C30

Agricultural innovations E14

Agricultural input industries E21

Agricultural investment E13

Agricultural journalism C20

Agricultural legislation D50

Agricultural press C20

Agricultural prices E70

Agricultural production economics E16

Agricultural research administration A50

Agricultural safety engineering N01

Agricultural schools C10

Agricultural shows E70

Agricultural structure E90

Agricultural support subsidies E13

Agricultural surpluses E10

Agricultural teaching C10

Agricultural training C10

Agricultural work force E12

Agrobusiness E21

Agro-chemical industry E21

Agroclimatology P40

Agro-forestry F08

Agro-industry E21

Agrometeorology P40

Agropisciculture M12

Agro-silvicultural systems F08

Agro-silvo-pastoral systems F08

Agrotourism (as an ancillary farm enterprise) E20

Aid coordination E14

Aid evaluation E14

Aid institutions E14

Aid programmes E14

Air contamination T01

Air flow (meteorology) P40

Air front (meteorology) P40

Air layering F02

Air mass (meteorology) P40

Air moisture (meteorology) P40

Air motion (meteorology) P40

Air poisoning T01

Air pollution T01

Air pollution control T01

Air pollution prevention T01

Algae culture M12

Algal culture M12

Altitude (geography) B10

Amenity planting F01

Angling (recreational fishing) P01

Animal absorption of nutrients L51

Animal allergies L74

Animal anabolism L51

Animal analysis L50

Animal anatomy L40

Animal aquaculture M12

Animal assimilation of nutrients L51

Animal bedding (bedding material for livestock or poultry) L01

Animal behaviour L20

Animal biogeography L60

Animal biotechnology L10

Animal birth L53

Animal branding L01

Animal breeding L10

Animal breeding aims L10

Animal breeding methods, programmes, techniques L10

Animal breeds registration D50

Animal care L01

Animal catabolism L51

Animal checklists L60

Animal chemical analysis L50

Animal chemical composition L50

Animal classification L60

Animal clinical assessment L70

Animal clinics L70

Animal collections P01

Animal colonies L20

Animal communication L20

Animal community life L20

Animal crossbreeding L10

Animal cytology L40

Animal deficiency diseases L74

Animal development physiology L52

Animal disease control (biological, chemical, cultural, integrated, mechanical, physical) L73

Animal disease control equipment N20

Animal disease control materials, methods, programmes L73

Animal disease surveys L73

Animal diseases (bacterial, fungal, mycoplasmal, viral) L73

Animal disorders control materials, methods, programmes L74

Animal exhibiting L01

Animal fattening L02

Animal fertility L53

Animal gene pools L10

Animal genetic engineering L10

Animal genetic improvement L10

Animal genetic manipulation L10

Animal genetics L10

Animal geography L60

Animal germplasm banks L10

Animal gestation L53

Animal growth physiology L52

Animal habitat L20

Animal health inspection L70

Animal histology L40

Animal hospitals L70

Animal housing structures N10

Animal husbandry L01

Animal hybridization L10

Animal identification L60

Animal immunity to diseases L73

Animal immunity to infection (fungal, viral, bacterial) L73

Animal inanition L51

Animal in-breeding L10

Animal ingestion of nutrients L51

Animal injuries L74

Animal injuries control equipment N20

Animal injuries control materials, methods, programmes L74

Animal instinct L20

Animal insurance E20

Animal introduction L10

Animal judging L01

Animal lactation L50

Animal learning L20

Animal life cycle L50

Animal line breeding L10

Animal migration L20

Animal migratory husbandry L01

Animal morphology L40

Animal mutagenesis L10

Animal new taxa L60

Animal nomenclature L60

Animal nutrition physiology L51

Animal ovulation L53

Animal parenteral feeding L02

Animal parturition L53

Animal pest control equipment N20

Animal pest control materials, methods, programmes L72

Animal phylogeny L60

Animal power P05

Animal pregnancy L53

Animal production L01

Animal production equipment N20

Animal protection equipment N20

Animal quarantine regulations D50

Animal reproductive physiology L53

Animal reserve formation L51

Animal selection L10

Animal senescence L52

Animal sex hormones L53

Animal sexing L01

Animal slaughtering L01

Animal structure L40

Animal symbiosis L20

Animal taxonomy L60

Animal testing L01

Animal tissue differentiation L52

Animal toxicity L74

Animal traction energy P05

Animal training L01

Animal ultrastructure L40

Animal varieties L10

Animal water uptake L51

Animal welfare L70

Animal wildlife management P01

Anthesis F62

Apiaries N10

Apiculture L01

Apogamy F63

Apospory F63

Aquacultural development E20

Aquacultural enterprises E20

Aquacultural industry E21

Aquaculture administration E20

Aquaculture cooperatives M12

Aquaculture equipment N20

Aquaculture production M12

Aquaculture stocking M12

Aquaculture yields M12

Aquatic animal ecology M40

Aquatic communities M40

Aquatic environment M40

Aquatic migration M40

Aquatic movements M40

Aquatic plant ecology M40

Arboriculture (forestry) K10

Artificial light in plant cultivation F01

Artificial precipitation P40

Artificial promotion of flowering F01

Artificial regeneration (silviculture) K10

Artificial ripening F01

Artificial watering of soil F06

Aspect (topography) B10

Assembling of information C30

Atmospheric condensation (meteorology) P40

Atmospheric conditions (meteorology) P40

Atmospheric depressions (meteorology) P40

Atmospheric disturbances (meteorology) P40

Atmospheric effects on forest fires K70

Atmospheric fronts (meteorology) P40

Atmospheric motion (meteorology) P40

Atmospheric pollution T01

Atmospheric precipitation P40

Atmospheric pressure P40

Atmospheric radiation P40

Atmospheric turbulence P40

Attitudes to work E12

Auctions E70

Audiovisual aids C10

Audiovisual instruction C10

Automatic irrigation F06

Baking Q02

Bank loans E13

Banking facilities E13

Barometric pressure P40

Barrier husbandry L01

Basin irrigation F06

Battery husbandry L01

Beneficial feed micro-organisms Q52

Beneficial food micro-organisms Q02

Bioclimatology P40

Biodynamic farming F08

Bioenergy P06

Biological analysis of water P10

Birds injurious to plants H10

Birth control (family planning) E51

Blooming F62

Body of law in agriculture D50

Bone calcification L52

Bone formation L52

Bottling Q80

Brand names E70

Breadmaking Q02

Breast feeding S20

Breeders' rights D50

Brewing industry E21

Broadcasting (sowing) F01

Brood chambers N10

Brood frames N10

Brood rearing L01

Brooder houses N10

Browsing behaviour L02

Bud initiation F62

Bud shedding F62

Budding F02

Building construction N10

Building frames N10

Building maintenance N10

Building methods N10

Building standards N10

Building technology N10

Buttermaking Q02

Cadastral maps E11

Cadastral surveys E11

Cages N10

Caloric value of food Q04

Calving L53

Canning Q80

Canning industry E21

Capital assistance E13

Capital flow E13

Capital formation E13

Capital investment E13

Capital labour ratio E12

Capital leasing E13

Capital markets E13

Capital movements E13

Capital output ratio E16

Capital productivity E16

Capital resources E13

Carbonation (the adding of carbon dioxide to beverages) Q02

Carcass composition L01

Carcass grading E70

Carcass quality L01

Carcass weight L01

Carcass yield L01

Care of the aged E50

Cash tenancy E20

Casual labour E12

Catch cropping F08

Cattle husbandry L01

Cattle production L01

Cattle sheds N10

Cell and meristem culture F02

Centre pivot irrigation F06

Cheesemaking Q02

Child employment E12

Child feeding programmes S40

Child health care E50

Child labour E12

Child nutrition programmes S40

Child welfare services E50

Choice of technology E14

Churning Q02

Civil engineering N01

Clear felling K10

Clear strip felling K10

Climate control P40

Climate mapping P40

Climate prediction P40

Climatic data P40

Climatic factors P40

Climatic zones P40

Climatological charts P40

Climatology P40

Cloudiness (meteorology) P40

Clouds (meteorology) P40

CNS (animal central nervous system) L40

Coastal fisheries M11

Cocoa industry E21

Coffee industry E21

Cold front (meteorology) P40

Cold preserving of food products Q02

Collective farming E20

Collective housing E50

Collective labour agreements E12

Collective ownership (land) E11

Collective settlements E50

Commercial credit E13

Commercial land use E11

Commercial law D50

Commercial legislation D50

Commodity prices in general E70

Commodity surpluses E10

Common guaranteed prices E71

Common markets E71

Common trading systems E71

Communes E50

Communication development C20

Communication management C20

Communication media C20

Communication methods C20

Community development E50

Community education E50

Community health care E50

Community leadership E50

Community organization E50

Community participation E50

Community resources E50

Community self help E50

Community services E50

Consumer advocacy E73

Consumer attitudes E73

Consumer behaviour E73

Consumer cooperatives E73

Consumer demand E70

Consumer economics E73

Consumer education E73

Consumer information E73

Consumer panels E73

Consumer preferences E73

Consumer prices E70

Consumer protection E73

Consumer rights D50

Consumer surveys E73

Consumption patterns E73

Continuing education C10

Continuing vocational training C10

Continuous cropping (the growing of the same crop on the same land year after year) F08

Continuous cultivation F08

Continuous grazing (grazing limited to the same land throughout the season) L02

Contour border irrigation F06

Contour check irrigation F06

Contour cropping F08

Contour cultivation F08

Contour farming F08

Contour furrow irrigation F06

Contract farming E20

Contract labour E12

Contract legislation D50

Controlled grazing L02

Controlled prices E70

Conventional technology E14

Cooperative banks E13

Cooperative bargaining for wages E12

Cooperative credit E13

Cooperative education C10

Cooperative extension services C20

Cooperative farm enterprises E20

Cooperative farm helper services E50

Cooperative farming E20

Cooperative housing E50

Cooperative marketing E70

Cooperative purchasing E70

Cooperative selling E70

Coppicing K10

Cordage home industry E80

Corporation farming E20

Corpus juris D50

Cotton industry E21

Crafts E80

Credit control E13

Credit cooperatives E13

Credit guarantees E13

Credit policies E13

Credit systems E13

Credit transactions E13

Credit unions E13

Crop harvesting F01

Crop husbandry F01

Crop loss or damage insurance E20

Crop production F01

Crop protection in general H01

Crop yields F01

Cropping patterns F08

Cropping systems F08

Crustacean culture M12

Cultivars of plants F30

Cultural environment E50

Cultural factors E50

Customs regulations D50

Cyclones (meteorology) P40

Dairy cooperatives L01

Dairy engineering L01

Dairy farming L01

Dairy hygiene Q03

Dairy industry E21

Dairy legislation D50

Dairy performance L01

Dairy science Q02

Dairy technology Q02

Dairying L01

Data banks C30

Data bases C30

Data collection C30

Data management C30

Data processing C30

Data storage C30

Deblossoming F62

Deep litter (system of bedding for livestock or poultry using straw, shavings, sawdust) L01

Deep litter husbandry L01

Deep sea fishing M11

Deep tillage F07

Defoliation F01

Deforestation K10

Dehorning L01

Deleterious food micro-organisms Q03

Demographic models E51

Demographic projections E51

Demographic research E51

Demographic statistics E51

Demographic surveys E51

Demographic trends E51

Demography E51

Demonstration farms C20

Development agencies E14

Development aid E14

Development areas E14

Development assistance E14

Development banks E14

Development cooperation E14

Development economics in general E14

Development organizations E14

Development research E14

Development strategies E14

Development theory E14

Disability benefits E50

Dishorning L01

Distribution costs E70

Distribution policies E70

Diversified farming E20

Documentary analysis C30

Domestic management practices E80

Domestic markets E72

Domestic trade E72

Drainage equipment N20

Drainage systems P11

Drinking water P10

Drip irrigation F06

Dry farming F08

Dune fixation P36

Earthing up F07

Econometric models of markets E70

Economic analysis in general E10

Economic conditions in general E10

Economic cooperation E14

Economic development E14

Economic legislation D50

Economic plans, policies, programmes (national, regional, international) E10

Economic reform E10

Economic systems E10

Education personnel C10

Education plans, policies, programmes C10

Educational budget C10

Educational centres C10

Educational cooperation C10

Educational courses C10

Educational expenditure C10

Educational finance C10

Educational goals C10

Educational grants C10

Educational institutions C10

Educational objectives C10

Educational radio C20

Educational reform C10

Educational research C10

Educational systems C10

Educational technology C10

Educational television C20

Educational theory C10

Effects of occupational activities and work environment on workers' health (harmful) T10

Egg production L01

Electrical aspects of soil P33

Electrical engineering N01

Electronic engineering N01

Emergency food distribution E14

Employment E12

Employment injuries benefits E50

Energy conservation P05

Energy consumption P05

Energy conversion devices P05

Energy conversion processes P06

Energy cost P05

Energy demand P05

Energy economics P05

Energy policies P05

Energy resource development P05

Energy resource management P05

Energy supply P05

Environmental economics P01

Environmental hazards T01

Environmental law D50

Environmental legislation D50

Environmental management P01

Environmental policies P01

Environmental satellites (Meteosat) U40

Estate tax E11

Estuarine fisheries M11

Experimental forests K10

Experimental plots P33

Experimental stations C10

Explosive fishing M11

Export controls E71

Export promotion E71

Export regulations D50

Extension activities C20

Extension agents C20

Extension education C20

Extension management C20

Extension programme planning C20

Extension services C20

Extension training C20

Extensive farming E20

Extensive silviculture K10

Fallow systems F08

Fallowing (cultivated land which may be kept free of vegetation by plowing, disking, etc., to destroy weeds or conserve moisture for a succeeding crop) F07

Family allowances E50

Family budget E80

Family farming E20

Family farms E20

Family labour E12

Family living practices E80

Family planning E51

Family planning education E51

Family size E51

Farm accounting E20

Farm bookkeeping E20

Farm budget E20

Farm buildings N10

Farm cost analysis E20

Farm costs and returns E20

Farm development planning E20

Farm drain lines N02

Farm dwellings N10

Farm income E20

Farm input-output analysis E20

Farm inputs E20

Farm insurance E20

Farm layout N02

Farm leases E20

Farm management E20

Farm models C10

Farm operations E20

Farm organization E20

Farm recreation (as an ancillary farm enterprise) E20

Farm results E20

Farm roads N01

Farm sewage systems N01

Farm size N02

Farm storage buildings N10

Farm structure N02

Farm surveys E20

Farm tenancy E20

Farm tile lines N02

Farm waste disposal systems N01

Farm water supply systems N01

Farm woodlands K10

Farm workers E12

Farmer advisory services C20

Farmer training C20

Farmhouses N10

Farming enterprises E20

Farming industry E21

Farrowing pens N10

Fats industry E21

Fattening rations L02

Feed adulteration Q53

Feed analysis Q54

Feed biotechnology Q52

Feed composition Q54

Feed constituents . Q54

Feed contamination Q53

Feed conversion efficiency (fattening performance) L51

Feed dehydration Q52

Feed deterioration Q53

Feed disease control Q53

Feed disease organisms Q53

Feed evaluation Q54

Feed fermentation processes Q52

Feed formulae Q54

Feed hygiene Q53

Feed industry E21

Feed ingestion L51

Feed inspection Q53

Feed intake L51

Feed preservation methods Q52

Feed processing Q52

Feed processing equipment Q52

Feed processing planning Q52

Feed processing techniques Q52

Feed quality Q54

Feed spoilage Q53

Feed toxicology Q53

Female manpower E12

Fences N10

Fencing N10

Fertilizer industry E21

Fibreboard (processing and properties) K50

Field capacity P33

Field crop production F01

Field experimentation P33

Field moisture conditions P33

Field size N02

Field tests P33

Field trials P33

Financial cooperatives E13

Financial institutions E13

Financial markets E13

Fire control equipment (including forest fire) N20

Fire detection equipment (including forest fire) N20

Fish care M12

Fish culture M12

Fish detection M11

Fish development physiology L52

Fish farming M12

Fish feeding M12

Fish growth physiology L52

Fish hatcheries M12

Fish industry (any industries of fish or other aquatic organisms) E21

Fish location M11

Fish nutrition physiology L51

Fish rearing M12

Fish reproduction physiology L53

Fisheries (a place for catching fish or other aquatic organisms) M11

Fishery cooperatives M11

Fishery development E20

Fishery enterprises E20

Fishery equipment N20

Fishery harbours N01

Fishery industry (any industries of fish or other aquatic organisms) E21

Fishery legislation D50

Fishery management E20

Fishery policies in general M01

Fishery production M11

Fishery resources in general M01

Fishery stock assessment M11

Fishery surveys M11

Fishery yields M11

Fishing areas M11

Fishing equipment N20

Fishing gear N20

Fishing harbours N01

Fishing licences (the legal right of fishing in a given place at a given time) D50

Fishing methods M11

Fishing operations M11

Fishing over-exploitation M11

Fishing rights D50

Fishing strategies M11

Fishing vessels N20

Fishing-grounds M11

Flight rooms N10

Flood control P10

Flood forecasting P10

Floor husbandry L01

Foaling L53

Fodder processing Q52

Fodder yeasts Q52

Fog (meteorology) P40

Foliar diagnosis F61

Food additives Q05

Food adulteration Q03

Food aid E14

Food allergies S30

Food analysis Q04

Food appearance Q04

Food aroma Q04

Food biotechnology Q02

Food colouring Q05

Food composition Q04

Food constituents Q04

Food contamination Q03

Food defects Q03

Food deterioration Q03

Food digestion S20

Food disease control Q03

Food disease organisms Q03

Food evaluation Q04

Food fermentation processes Q02

Food flavour Q04

Food habits S01

Food hygiene Q03

Food in the home E80

Food industry E21

Food ingestion S20

Food inspection Q03

Food intake S20

Food legislation D50

Food palatability Q04

Food pest control Q03

Food planning E10

Food preferences S01

Food preservation methods Q02

Food processing planning Q02

Food processing techniques Q02

Food requirements E10

Food reserves E10

Food security E10

Food situation planning E10

Food spoilage Q03

Food stabilizers Q05

Food stocks E10

Food surpluses E10

Food sweeteners Q05

Food taste Q04

Foraging L02

Forced feeding L02

Foreign trade development E71

Foreign trade promotion E71

Forest administration E20

Forest composition control K10

Forest dieback (excluding pests and diseases) K70

Forest diseases H20

Forest ecology F40

Forest engineering K11

Forest fire control K70

Forest fire control equipment N20

Forest fire detection equipment N20

Forest grazing L02

Forest growth control K10

Forest increment tables K10

Forest influence on the environment K01

Forest injuries K70

Forest mensuration K10

Forest nurseries K10

Forest pests H10

Forest plantations K10

Forest reconnaissance K10

Forest regeneration K10

Forest resources in general K01

Forest roads K11

Forest seed processing K10

Forest seed production K10

Forest site assessment K10

Forest site clearing K11

Forest site quality K10

Forest slope stability K11

Forest stands K10

Forest surveys K10

Forest systems K10

Forest tree diseases H20

Forest tree pests H10

Forest tree propagation K10

Forest yield tables K10

Forest yields K10

Forestation K10

Forestry administration E20

Forestry development E20

Forestry enterprises E20

Forestry equipment N20

Forestry industry E21

Forestry management E20

Forestry operations K10

Forestry policies in general K01

Forestry production K10

Forestry production equipment N20

Forestry production methods K10

Forestry protection techniques K70

Forestry recreation P01

Forestry regulations D50

Forestry research K01

Free trade and protection E71

Freshwater farming M12

Freshwater fishing M11

Frog culture M12

Fructification F63

Fruit culture F01

Fruiting F63

Fruiting potential F63

Fruiting stage F63

Fungal plant diseases H20

Futures markets E70

Game hunting P01

Game management P01

Game reserves P01

Garages N10

Garden plots E20

Gardening F01

Genetic classification of soil P32

GNP (gross national product) E10

Goat houses N10

Gradient (geography) B10

Grading regulations D50

Granaries N10

Grassland management F01

Green-house cultivation F01

Green-houses N10

Gross domestic product E10

Gross national product E10

Ground rent E11

Ground surveys (methods) U40

Groundwater inventory P10

Groundwater level P10

Groundwater prospecting P10

Groundwater recharge (replenishment of water to the zone of saturation in the ground) P10

Groundwater table (the upper surface of the zone of saturation in the ground at which the portion of the ground is wholly saturated with water) P10

Group farming E20

Handicrafts E80

Harrowing F07

Harvesting buildings N10

Hatching season L53

Hatching synchronization L53

Hatching time L53

Heat preserving of food products Q02

Helminths injurious to animals L72

Herbaria P01

High forest systems K10

High technology E14

Higher education C10

Hired labour E12

Hive management L01

Hives N10

Hoeing F07

Home food preparation E80

Home gardens E20

Home industries (cordage, leather, textile, woodwork, etc.) E80

Home maintenance E80

Home management E80

Home trade E72

Household accounts E80

Household budget E80

Household consumption E80

Household expenditure E80

Household income E80

Household management practices E80

Household surveys E80

Housekeeping E80

Housing census E50

Housing credit E13

Housing economics E50

Human anabolism S20

Human attitudes in relation to foods S01

Human deficiency diseases S30

Human diet S30

Human diet related diseases S30

Human dietary surveys S30

Human digestion S20

Human diseases due to agricultural activities T10

Human eating habits S01

Human ecology E50

Human injuries due to agricultural activities T10

Human lactation S20

Human malnutrition S30

Human metabolic disorders S30

Human metabolism S20

Human nutrition physiology S20

Human nutritional disorders S30

Human nutritional requirements and growth S20

Human parenteral feeding S30

Human poisoning due to agricultural activities T10

Human population structure E51

Human toxicity due to agricultural activities T10

Human utilization of nutrients S20

Human welfare E50

Hydraulic equipment N20

Hydraulic machinery N20

Hydraulic models N01

Hydraulic structures N01

Hydraulic systems P10

Hydraulics P10

Hydroelectric power P06

Hydrogeology P10

Hydrography P10

Hydrology P10

Hydromechanics P10

Hydrometeorology P40

Hydroponics F01

Hydropower P06

Import levies E71

Import promotion E71

Import quotas E71

Import regulations D50

Indexing (information) C30

Indicator plants F40

Induced rainfall P40

Industrial development E21

Industrial economics E21

Industrial enterprises E21

Infant immunity S20

Infant nutrition S20

Infant weaning S20

Information centres C30

Information diffusion C30

Information dissemination C30

Information exchange C30

Information flow C30

Information management C30

Information media C20

Information needs C30

Information processing C30

Information profiles C30

Information retrieval C30

Information science C30

Information services C30

Information storage C30

Information systems C30

Information transfer C30

Innovation adoption E14

Innovation diffusion E14

Insects injurious to plants H10

Integrated programme for commodities E10

Intensive farming E20

Intensive silviculture K10

Intercropping F08

Interest rates E13

Interest repayments E13

Interfarm enterprises E20

Intermediate technology E14

International assistance E14

International commodity agreements E71

International cooperation for development E14

International economic policies E10

International economic programmes E10

International markets E71

International trade agreements E71

International trade law D50

International trade policies E71

Interplanting F08

Investment guarantees E13

Investment income E13

Investment planning E13

Investment policies E13

Investment promotion E13

Irrigation equipment N20

Irrigation methods F06

Irrigation requirements F06

Irrigation scheduling F06

Joint farming E20

Kitchen gardens E20

Labour administration E12

Labour arbitration E12

Labour contracts E12

Labour costs E12

Labour demand E12

Labour economics E12

Labour force E12

Labour forecasting E12

Labour legislation D50

Labour management E12

Labour management relations E12

Labour market E12

Labour migration E12

Labour mobility E12

Labour organization E12

Labour payment E12

Labour planning E12

Labour policies E12

Labour productivity E16

Labour requirements E12

Labour shortage E12

Labour supply E12

Labour surveys E12

Labour turnover E12

Labour unions E12

Lake fisheries M11

Lambing L53

Land allotments (small plots of land to agricultural or non-agricultural workers for cultivation as a subsidiary source of income) E20

Land aspects of town and country planning E11

Land assessment E11

Land capability E11

Land classification E11

Land development E11

Land development economics E11

Land distribution E11

Land economics E11

Land evaluation E11

Land fixation P36

Land management E11

Land markets E11

Land mobility E11

Land nationalization E11

Land ownership E11

Land policies E11

Land prices E11

Land productivity E16

Land reclamation P36

Land reform E11

Land registers E11

Land rent E11

Land resources P01

Land settlement (refers to the movement and resettlement of people) E50

Land speculation E11

Land subdivision E11

Land suitability E11

Land surveys E11

Land tax E11

Land taxation E11

Land tenure E11

Land transfers E11

Land use planning E11

Land use surveys E11

Land utilization E11

Land valuation E11

Landscape management P01

Landscape preservation P01

Large scale farming E20

Latitude (geography) B10

Law administration D50

Laws D50

Layering F02

Laying ability L01

Laying characters L01

Laying performance L01

Laying tests L01

Leaf fall F62

Librarianship C30

Library administration C30

Library cooperation C30

Library services C30

Licenses and permits D50

Lignin K50

Limnology related to fisheries and aquaculture M01

Liquid purification methods (except water) Q70

Liquid purification methods (water) P10

Litter (young animals born to a female) L53

Litter size (all the young animals born to a female at one time) L53

Livestock boxes N10

Livestock buildings N10

Livestock census L01

Livestock enterprises E20

Livestock farms E20

Livestock feeding L02

Livestock housing N10

Livestock insurance E20

Livestock management L01

Livestock production L01

Longitude (geography) B10

Lopping K10

Lorries N20

Mammals injurious to animals L72

Mammals injurious to plants H10

Manpower needs E12

Marine areas M11

Marine ecology M40

Marine fisheries M11

Marine fishing M11

Marine resources in general M01

Market analysis in general E70

Market forecasting in general E70

Market gardens E20

Market planning E70

Market prices E70

Market promotion E70

Market regulations D50

Market research in general E70

Market stabilization E70

Market structure E70

Market studies E70

Market surveys E70

Marketing boards E70

Marketing channels E70

Marketing cooperatives E70

Marketing facilities E70

Marketing margins E70

Marketing policies E70

Marketing strategy E70

Marketing techniques E70

Mass media C20

Meat composition Q04

Meat hygiene Q03

Meat industry E21

Meat inspection Q03

Meat production L01

Meat quality Q04

Meat yield L01

Metayage (land tenure in which a tenant farmer cultivates land for a share of its yield) E20

Meteorological factors P40

Meteorological fronts P40

Meteorological instrumentation equipment P40

Meteorological observations P40

Meteorological satellites U40

Meteorological stations P40

Meteorology P40

Milk composition Q04

Milk constituents Q04

Milk hygiene Q03

Milk industry E21

Milk production L01

Milk quality Q04

Milk recording L01

Milk yield L01

Milkability L01

Milking L01

Milking parlours N10

Milking rate L01

Milling industry E21

Minimum tillage F07

Mist (meteorology) P40

Mist irrigation F06

Mites injurious to animals L72

Mites injurious to plants H10

Mixed cropping F08

Mixed farming E20

Mixed grazing L02

Molluscs injurious to plants H10

Monoculture F08

Mulching F07

Multidisciplinary approach to agriculture (involves technical, economical and sociological aspects simultaneously) E90

Multi-national trade arrangements E71

Multiple births L53

Multiple cropping F08

Multispecies fisheries M11

Mushroom houses N10

Mussel culture M12

Mycoplasmal plant diseases H20

Mycorrhiza P34

National accounting E10

National economic plans, policies, programmes E10

National expenditure E10

National parks P01

Natural environment restoration P01

Natural fauna P01

Natural flora P01

Natural gas P07

Natural regeneration of forests K10

Natural resource development P01

Natural resource economics P01

Natural resource management P01

Nature conservation P01

Nature reserves P01

Nekton (as feed organisms) M12

Nematodes injurious to animals L72

Nematodes injurious to plants H10

New animal breeds L10

New animal varieties L10

New plant varieties F30

Non-renewable energy resources P07

No-tillage F07

Nurseries (except forest) F01

Nutrition programme evaluation S40

Nutrition training C10

Occupational change E12

Occupational diseases (harmful effects of occupational activities and work environment on workers' health) T10

Occupational disorders (harmful effects of occupational activities and work environment on workers' health) T10

Occupational health services E50

Occupational hygiene E50

Occupational injuries T10

Occupational safety (refers to policies and practices intended to prevent accidents and diseases) E50

Occupational safety hazards T10

Occupational satisfaction E12

Occupational structure E12

Occupational training C10

Ocean dumping (refuse disposal) T01

Ocean law (national and international laws concerning marine water and its resources) D50

Oceanography related to fisheries and aquaculture M01

Oestrous synchronization L53

Oestrus L53

Off-farm employment E12

Oil shale P07

Oils industry E21

Old age benefits E50

Oleoresins (processing and properties) K50

On-farm training C10

On-the-job training C10

Oogenesis L53

Open pollination F63

Organic energy sources P06

Organic farming F08

Ornamental tree production K10

Osiers (processing and properties) K50

Overhead irrigation F06

Overpopulation E51

Overproduction E16

Packaging materials Q80

Paper industry E21

Parasitic higher plants H60

Parasitic plant control H60

Part time labour E12

Pasteurizing Q02

Pastoral society E50

Pasture and range management F01

Pasturing L02

Patents D50

Peasant farming E20

Pelagic fisheries M11

Perennial cropping F08

Personal accident insurance E50

Photogrammetry (methods) U40

Photographic surveying (methods ) U40

Photomicrography (methods) U40

Photosynthesis F61

Phytotoxicity H50

Pickling of food products Q02

Pig housing N10

Piggeries N10

Pilot farms C10

Pinching (removal of terminal shoots of plants by pinching off ) F01

Pisciculture M12

Pitch K50

Plane surveys (methods) U40

Plankton (as feed organisms) M12

Plant anabolism F61

Plant analysis F60

Plant anatomy F50

Plant aquaculture M12

Plant assimilation of nutrients F61

Plant biogeography F70

Plant biotechnology F30

Plant breeding F30

Plant breeding aims F30

Plant catabolism F61

Plant cell differentiation F62

Plant checklists F70

Plant classification F70

Plant clipping F01

Plant collections P01

Plant communities F40

Plant conservation P01

Plant constituents F60

Plant crossbreeding F30

Plant cytology F50

Plant deficiency diseases H50

Plant development physiology F62

Plant disease control (biological, chemical, cultural, integrated, mechanical, physical) H20

Plant disease control equipment N20

Plant disease control materials, methods, programmes H20

Plant disease surveys H20

Plant diseases (bacterial, fungal, mycoplasmal, viral) H20

Plant disorders control equipment N20

Plant disorders control materials, methods, programmes H50

Plant environmental biology F40

Plant evolution F70

Plant exploration F30

Plant fertility F63

Plant fertilizing (application of fertilizers) F04

Plant gene banks F30

Plant gene pools F30

Plant genetic engineering F30

Plant genetic improvement F30

Plant genetic manipulation F30

Plant genetics F30

Plant geography F70

Plant germplasm sources F30

Plant growth control methods F01

Plant growth physiology F62

Plant hardiness H50

Plant histology F50

Plant housing structures N10

Plant hybridization F30

Plant identification F70

Plant immunity to diseases H20

Plant in-breeding F30

Plant injuries H50

Plant injuries control equipment N20

Plant injuries control materials, methods, programmes H50

Plant introduction F30

Plant litter (accumulation of leaves, twigs, branches and other plant parts on the surface of the soil) P34

Plant metabiosis F61

Plant metabolic disorders H50

Plant metabolism F61

Plant morphology F50

Plant mutagenesis F30

Plant new taxa F70

Plant nomenclature F70

Plant nutrition physiology F61

Plant pest control (biological, chemical, cultural, integrated, mechanical, physical) H10

Plant pest control equipment N20

Plant pest control materials, methods, programmes H10

Plant phylogeny F70

Plant postharvest physiology F62

Plant production F01

Plant production equipment N20

Plant propagation F02

Plant protection (general aspects) H01

Plant protection equipment N20

Plant quarantine regulations D50

Plant reproduction F63

Plant reproduction physiology F63

Plant reproductive mechanisms F63

Plant reserve formation F61

Plant selection F30

Plant senescence F62

Plant structure F50

Plant taxonomy F70

Plant tissue differentation F62

Plant toxicity H50

Plant training F01

Plant transpiration F60

Plant ultrastructure F50

Plant varieties registration D50

Plant wildlife management P01

Planting density F01

Planting distance F01

Planting season F01

Plywood (processing and properties) K50

Poison fishing M11

Pollen incompatibility F63

Pollution control regulations D50

Population censuses E51

Population change (rural) E51

Population composition (rural) E51

Population control E51

Population data (rural) E51

Population decline (rural) E51

Population decrease (rural) E51

Population density (rural) E51

Population distribution (rural) E51

Population education E51

Population explosion E51

Population forecasting E51

Population growth (rural) E51

Population increase (rural) E51

Population planning E51

Population policies E51

Population projections E51

Population research (rural) E51

Population statistics (rural) E51

Potential production E16

Poultry hatcheries N10

Poultry housing N10

Poultry litter (bedding material for poultry) L01

Poultry meat production L01

Poultry rearing L01

Power conversion devices P05

Power distribution in general P05

Power plants for rural use P05

Price elasticity E70

Price fixing E70

Price formation E70

Price indices E70

Price maintenance E70

Price stabilization E70

Pricing policies E70

Primary processing of non-food or non-feed agricultural products Q60

Private farms E20

Private forests K10

Private plot cultivation E20

Product image E70

Product labelling E70

Product markets E70

Product presentation E70

Production accounts E16

Production activities E16

Production capacity E16

Production control E16

Production cooperatives E16

Production coordinating E16

Production costs E16

Production economics E16

Production function E16

Production growth E16

Production increase E16

Production indices E16

Production management E16

Production means E16

Production methods E16

Production planning E16

Production policies E16

Production possibilities E16

Production potential E16

Production standards E16

Production statistics E16

Production systems E16

Production targets E16

Productivity accounting E16

Productivity bargaining E16

Productivity policies E16

Property tax E11

Property transfers E11

Protozoa injurious to animals L72

Protozoa injurious to plants H10

Pruning F01

Psychological aspects of human feeding S01

Public authorities D10

Public borrowing E13

Public debt E13

Public expenditure E13

Public finance E13

Public gardens P01

Public health administration E50

Public health aspects of food Q03

Public health care E50

Public health legislation D50

Public health research E50

Public housing E50

Public information C20

Public investment E13

Public land E11

Public law D50

Public lendings E13

Public loans E13

Public ownership E11

Public parks P01

Public property E11

Public relations C20

Public services E50

Public utilities planning E50

Publicity C20

Pulp (processing and properties) K50

Pulse irrigation F06

Pump fishing M11

Purchasing habits E73

Radiocommunication C20

Railways N01

Rain-fed farming F08

Reafforestation K10

Real estate E11

Recreation facilities (as an ancillary farm enterprise) E20

Recreational fishing P01

Recreational use of forest land P01

Regional development E14

Regional economic plans, policies, programmes E10

Regional parks P01

Research equipment U30

Research financing A50

Research grants A50

Research management A50

Research methods U30

Research organization A50

Research personnel A50

Research plans, policies, programmes A50

Research projects A50

Research teams A50

Research techniques U30

Research workers A50

Retail marketing E70

Retail prices E70

Retardation of plant growth F01

Retirement benefits E50

Re-training C10

Retraining C10

Re-use of waste water P10

Re-use of wastes in general Q70

Rhizobia P34

Ridging F07

River fisheries M11

River-basin development P10

Role of women E50

Rolling (tillage) F07

Rotational grazing L02

Row distance F01

Row tillage F07

Rubber industry E21

Rumination L51

Runoff irrigation F06

Rural cooperatives E50

Rural development plans, policies, programmes E14

Rural electrification N01

Rural employment E12

Rural health services E50

Rural heating N01

Rural housing plans, policies, programmes E50

Rural industry (home) E80

Rural medical services E50

Rural social services E50

Rural sociology research E50

Rural telephones N01

Rural unemployment E12

Rural welfare E50

Rural women E50

Rural workers E12

Rural youth E50

Rural-urban migration E50

Rural-urban relationships E50

Safety devices N01

Safety engineering N01

Saline water (nature and quality) P10

Sanitary regulations D50

Sanitation engineering N01

Sap flow F60

Satellite surveys U40

Scale of production E16

Scarification F03

Scenery preservation P01

School breakfast and lunch programmes S40

School meals S40

Sea dumping T01

Sea farming M12

Sea law (national and international laws concerning marine water and its resources) D50

Sea pollution T01

Sea resources M01

Sealing (catching of seals) M11

Seasonal unemployment E12

Seasonal workers E12

Seawater farming M12

Seaweed culture M12

Seed analysis F03

Seed certification F03

Seed cleaning F03

Seed depth F01

Seed development F62

Seed dispersal F62

Seed dormancy F62

Seed fall (natural dispersal of seed from a plant or from a tree) F62

Seed formation F62

Seed germinability F03

Seed germination F62

Seed industry E21

Seed inoculation (the dressing of seeds of leguminous plants with a culture of nitrogen-fixing bacteria) F03

Seed pelleting F03

Seed preparation F03

Seed processing (except forest seed) F03

Seed scarification F03

Seed screening F03

Seed shattering F62

Seed shedding F62

Seed storage F03

Seed stratification (placing of seeds in alternate layers or mixed in moist sand, peat moss or other medium as a means of breaking the rest period) F03

Seed testing F03

Seed treatment (preplanting treatment) F03

Seed trials F03

Seed viability F03

Seedbed preparation (preparation of upper portion of soil to receive seed and promote germination and growth) F07

Seeding rates F01

Seining M11

Selective grazing L02

Self financing E13

Self help (at the community level) E50

Self instruction C10

Self reliance (at the national level with respect to reliance primarily on a country's own resources and the capacity for autonomous decision-making) E10

Self study C10

Selling of agricultural commodities in general E70

Seminars C10

Sericulture L01

Sewage effluent disposal Q70

Sewage purification methods Q70

Sewage removal Q70

Sewage sludge disposal Q70

Sewage utilization as fertilizers F04

Sewerage (sewage removal or treatment) Q70

Share cropping E20

Share tenancy E20

Sheep housing N10

Shellfish culture M12

Shift work E12

Shifting cultivation F08

Shipping of agricultural commodities in general E70

Shoot pruning F01

Shrimp culture M12

Sickness benefits E50

Silage processing Q52

Silk production L01

Silvicultural conversion K10

Silvicultural rotation K10

Silvicultural selection system K10

Silvicultural thinning system K10

Sire evaluation L10

Skeletal development L52

Skeps N10

Skilled labour E12

Slaughter weight L01

Slaughterhouse practices L01

Slaughter-houses N10

Slaughtering L01

Sleet (metereology) P40

Small scale farming E20

Smoking of food products Q02

Snow (metereology) P40

Social activities E50

Social adaptation E50

Social adjustments to settlement E50

Social administration E50

Social aspects of agrarian reform E50

Social aspects of human feeding S01

Social assimilation E50

Social assistance E50

Social behaviour E50

Social benefits E50

Social change E50

Social communication E50

Social conditions E50

Social development E50

Social environment E50

Social equilibrium E50

Social geography E50

Social implications E50

Social influences E50

Social institutions E50

Social insurance E50

Social integration E50

Social interaction E50

Social legislation D50

Social mobility E50

Social norms E50

Social order E50

Social organization of rural communities E50

Social participation E50

Social planning E50

Social policies E50

Social progress E50

Social protection E50

Social psychology of the farm family E50

Social reform E50

Social research E50

Social security E50

Social services E50

Social status E50

Social stratification E50

Social structure E50

Social surveys E50

Social systems E50

Social welfare E50

Socialcustoms E50

Socialgroups E50

Socioeconomic aspects E50

Socio-economic development E50

Sociological analysis E50

Soil acidity P33

Soil additives F04

Soil adsorption P33

Soil aeration P33

Soil age P32

Soil air relations P33

Soil alkalinity P33

Soil amendments F04

Soil ammonification P34

Soil analysis P33

Soil atmosphere P33

Soil bacteriology P34

Soil biochemistry P34

Soil biology P34

Soil capability P30

Soil capillarity P33

Soil chemical analysis P33

Soil chemical processes P33

Soil chemistry P33

Soil classification P32

Soil compaction P33

Soil conditioners F04

Soil conservation P36

Soil contamination T01

Soil cultivation F07

Soil deficiency P35

Soil degradation P35

Soil denitrification P34

Soil density P33

Soil depth P32

Soil desalination P35

Soil deterioration P35

Soil disinfection F07

Soil engineering P33

Soil erosion P36

Soil erosion by water P36

Soil erosion by wind P36

Soil erosion control P36

Soil erosion prevention P36

Soil evaluation P33

Soil exhaustion P35

Soil experimental techniques P33

Soil fauna P34

Soil fertility P35

Soil fixation P36

Soil flora P34

Soil formation P32

Soil fumigation F07

Soil genesis P32

Soil hardness P33

Soil horizons P32

Soil hygiene F07

Soil impoverishment P35

Soil infiltration P33

Soil inoculation P34

Soil leaching P35

Soil mapping P31

Soil mechanics P33

Soil microbiology P34

Soil micro-organisms P34

Soil moisture content P33

Soil morphology P32

Soil nitrification P34

Soil nitrogen-fixation P34

Soil nutrient availability P35

Soil nutrient content P35

Soil permeability P33

Soil physics P33

Soil pollution T01

Soil pollution control T01

Soil pollution prevention T01

Soil pore system P33

Soil porosity P33

Soil preparation F07

Soil profiles P32

Soil reclamation P36

Soil refraction P33

Soil resources development, management, planning P30

Soil root nodulation P34

Soil salinity P35

Soil sorption P33

Soil stability P33

Soil stabilization P36

Soil steaming F07

Soil sterilization F07

Soil strength P33

Soil structure P33

Soil surface properties P33

Soil surveys P31

Soil temperature P33

Soil testing P33

Soil texture P33

Soil thermal regimes P33

Soil toxicity P35

Soil transport processes P33

Soil warming for plant cultivation F01

Soil water balance P33

Soil water content P33

Soil water movement P33

Soil water potential P33

Soil water retention P33

Soil water uptake P33

Soil water-retaining capacity P33

Soil-plant-animal relationships P34

Solar heating P06

Solar power generation P06

Solar thermal energy P06

Sole cropping (one crop grown alone in pure stands) F08

Sowing date F01

Sowing depth F01

Sowing distance F01

Sowing methods F01

Sowing rate F01

Spatial distribution of soils P32

Spot irrigation F06

Spray irrigation F06

Sprayline irrigation F06

Sprinkler irrigation F06

Sprouting (putting forth shoots, sprouts, buds, plant development) F62

Stalls N10

Standardization of agricultural commodities E70

State farms E20

State ownership E11

State property E11

Stem elongation F62

Stores for storage N10

Storms (meteorology) P40

Structural condition of soils P33

Structural engineering N01

Structural unemployment (unemployment caused by changes in the structure of the economy resulting from technological change, relocation of industry, or changes in the composition of the labour force) E12

Subsoiling (tillage of the subsoil or soil pan below the normal plough depth) F07

Subsurface drainage P11

Subsurface irrigation F06

Sugar industry E21

Supply balance E10

Supply elasticity E10

Supply management E10

Surface irrigation F06

Surveying techniques U40

Tariff negotiations E71

Tariff policies E71

Tariff reductions E71

Tariff reforms E71

Tars (processing and properties) K50

Teaching C10

Teaching aids, equipment, materials C10

Teaching methods C10

Teaching personnel C10

Teaching programmes C10

Technical ability (to effect implementation of development) E14

Technical aid E14

Technical assistance programmes E14

Technical cooperation E14

Technical progress E14

Technical training C10

Technological development E14

Technological evolution E14

Technological innovations E14

Tenancy agreements E20

Tethered housing N10

Textile home industry E80

Textural classification of soil P32

Thunderstorms (meteorology) P40

Tidal energy P06

Tile drains P11

Tilling F07

Timber (processing and properties) K50

Timber extraction K10

Timber preservation J12

Timber seasoning K50

Timber stand improvement K10

Timberyard practices K50

Time studies (labour) E12

Tool sheds N10

Top grafting (grafting performed on the branches of a plant, as contrasted to root grafting) F02

Tornados (meteorology) P40

Torrent control P10

Tourism (as an ancillary farm enterprise) E20

Tower irrigation F06

Trade boycotts E71

Trade embargo E71

Trade expansion E71

Trade fairs and exhibitions E70

Trade law D50

Trade liberalization E71

Trade names E70

Trade negotiations E71

Trade protection E71

Trade regulations D50

Trade restrictions E71

Trade unions E12

Traditional technology E14

Training aids C10

Training centres C10

Training courses C10

Training institutions C10

Training materials C10

Training methods C10

Training schools C10

Training workshops C10

Transitional farming E20

Translocation (plant physiology) F60

Trap fishing M11

Travels pertaining to agriculture B10

Trawling M11

Tree production (except forest) F01

Triple cropping F08

Trolling M11

Troughs N10

Trucks N20

Tube well irrigation F06

Turpentines (processing and properties) K50

Turtle culture M12

Typhoons (meteorology) P40

Unskilled labour E12

Upland cropping (crops grown on unirrigated land without storage of water) F08

Urbanization E50

Urban-rural migration E50

Vacuum packing Q80

Veneers (pocessing and properties) K50

Veterinary diagnostic methods L70

Veterinary education C10

Veterinary hospitals L70

Veterinary hygiene L70

Veterinary immunology L70

Veterinary medecine L70

Veterinary obstetrics L70

Veterinary organization L70

Veterinary pharmacology L70

Veterinary post-mortem examinations L70

Veterinary science L70

Veterinary services L70

Veterinary surgery L70

Veterinary training C10

Viral plant diseases H20

Visual aids C10

Viticulture F01

Viticulture cooperatives F01

Vocational choice C10

Vocational education C10

Vocational guidance C10

Vocational training C10

Wage determination E12

Wage policies E12

Wage rate E12

Warehouses N10

Warm front (meteorology) P40

Waste recycling (except waste water) Q70

Waste treatment (except waste water) Q70

Waste utilization as fertilizers F04

Waste water management P10

Waste water recycling P10

Waste water treatment P10

Waste water utilization P10

Water analysis P10

Water availability P10

Water balance P10

Water clarification P10

Water conservation P10

Water contamination T01

Water demineralization P10

Water desalination P10

Water distillation P10

Water distribution P10

Water filtration P10

Water flow control P10

Water fluoridation P10

Water management equipment N20

Water mapping P10

Water microbiology P10

Water pollution control T01

Water pollution prevention T01

Water quality P10

Water quality control P10

Water recycling P10

Water rights D50

Water softening P10

Water storage P10

Water supply P10

Water supply services P10

Water supply systems N01

Water surveys P10

Water table (the upper surface of the zone of saturation at which the portion of the ground is wholly saturated with water) P10

Water treatment P10

Waxes (processing and properties) K50

Weather control P40

Weather data P40

Weather forecasting P40

Weather mapping P40

Weather modification P40

Weather patterns P40

Weather stations P40

Weathering of soils P32

Weed biochemistry H60

Weed distribution H60

Weed ecology H60

Weed occurrence H60

Weed physiology H60

Weed resistance to herbicides H60

Weed structure H60

Weed taxonomy H60

Weeds H60

Welfare institutions E50

Wholesale marketing E70

Wholesale prices E70

Wildlife censuses P01

Wildlife conservation P01

Windpower P06

Winds (meteorology) P40

Wine industry E21

Women workers E12

Wood dust (processing) K50

Wood fire testing K50

Wood preservation J12

Wood production K10

Wood seasoning practices K50

Wood structure F50

Woodworking K50

Wool production L01

Work force E12

Work organization E12

Work studies E12

Workers participation E12

Workers representation E12

Wrapping Q80

Zero tillage F07

Zonal classification of soil P32

Zoonoses L73

Zoos P01

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