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World Food Summit

Some elements taken from the Rome Declaration on World Food Security and World Food Summit Plan of Action

Rome Declaration on Word Food Security

"...Full and equal participation of women and men, which is most conducive to achieving sustainable food security for all";

"...They (governments) have to develop an enabling environment and have policies that ensure peace, as well as social, political and economic stability and equity and gender equality".

"...Our sustainable development policies will promote full participation and empowerment of people especially women, an equitable distribution of income access to health care and education and opportunities for youth".

World Food Summit Plan of Action

Commitment One

Objective 1.3

"To ensure gender equality and empowerment of women".

Objective 1.4

"To encourage national solidarity and provide equal opportunities for all at all levels,... particularly in respect of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and persons".

World Food Summit Plan of Action

Commitment Three

Objective 3.3

"To promote sound policies and programmes on transfer and use of technologies, skills development and training..."

Objective 3.4

"To take decisive action in cooperation between the public and the private sectors to strengthen and broaden research and scientific cooperation..."

Objective 3.5

"To formulate and implement integrated rural development strategies ... that reinforce the local productive capacity of farmers, fishers and foresters including members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, women and indigenous people..."

World Food Summit Plan of Action

Commitment Six

Objective 6.1

"To create the policy framework and conditions ... (to promote) equitable and sustainable development of the food systems, rural development and human resources..."

World Food Summit Plan of Action

Commitment Seven

Objective 7.2

"Improve the collection ... the analysis, dissemination and utilization of information and data, disaggregated inter alia by gender, needed to guide and monitor progress towards the achievement of food security..."

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