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List of abbreviations

List of abbreviations

A.I.M.S. - Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville

CMT - customary marine tenure

DWA - Department of Women's Affairs

ESCAP - Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations

FAD - fish aggregating device

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FFA - Forum Fisheries Agency

FTC - Fisheries Training Centre at Luganville, Santo

NGO - Non-Government organizations

NPSO - National Planning and Statistics Office


SPC - South Pacific Commission

vatu (vt) - Vanuatu currency. 100 vt = c. USD0.95

VFDP - Village fisheries development programme

VNCW - Vanuatu National Council of Women

WBU - Women's Business Unit. Department of Cooperative & Rural Business Development

and local terms

"bonaro" - bow and arrow

karong - Spanish mackerel? or wahoo?

laplap - a staple made from grated rootcrop or banana and coconut cream baked in a ground oven

mangrou - nearshore small pelagic fish comprising Selar boops. .S. crumenophthalmus and two species of Decapterus. Also possibly a herring.

nagato - small turban shell

nakato - hermit crab

namarai - eel

narvei - the poisonous seed pod of a tree commonly used to poison fish

natalai - giant clam (Tridacnidae)

naura - lobster (solwara) or prawn (freswara)

nawita - octopus

picot - rabbitfish (Siganus species)

Santo - refers as often to the main town (Luganville) as it does to the island (Espiritu Santo)

tuluk - a snack-sized item of beef. pig or fish encased in laplap

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