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APFSOS/WP/01 Regional Study - The South Pacific

APFSOS/WP/02 Pacific Rim Demand and Supply Situation, Trends and Prospects: Implications for Forest Products Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region

APFSOS/WP/03 The Implications of the GATT Uruguay Round and other Trade Arrangements for the Asia-Pacific Forest Products Trade

APFSOS/WP/04 Status, Trends and Future Scenarios for Forest Conservation including Protected Areas in the Asia-Pacific Region

APFSOS/WP/05 In-Depth Country Study - New Zealand

APFSOS/WP/06 In-Depth Country Study - Republic of Korea

APFSOS/WP/07 Country Report - Malaysia

APFSOS/WP/08 Country Report - Union of Myanmar

APFSOS/WP/09 Challenges and Opportunities: Policy options for the forestry sector in the Asia-Pacific Region

APFSOS/WP/10 Sources of Non-wood Fibre for Paper, Board and Panels Production: Status, Trends and Prospects for India

APFSOS/WP/11 Country Report - Pakistan

APFSOS/WP/12 Trends and Outlook for Forest Products Consumption, Production and Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region

APFSOS/WP/13 Country Report - Australia

APFSOS/WP/14 Country Report - China

APFSOS/WP/15 Country Report - Japan: Basic Plan on Forest Resources and Long-Term Perspective on Demand and Supply of Important Forestry Products

APFSOS/WP/16 Country Report - Sri Lanka

APFSOS/WP/17 Forest Resources and Roundwood Supply in the Asia Pacific Countries: Situation and Outlook to Year 2010

APFSOS/WP/18 Country Report - Cambodia

APFSOS/WP/19 Wood Materials from Non-Forest Areas

APFSOS/WP/20 Forest Industry Structure and the Evolution of Trade Flows in the Asia-Pacific Region - Scenarios to 2010

APFSOS/WP/21 Decentralization and Devolution of Forest Management in Asia and the Pacific

APFSOS/WP/22 Commentary on Forest Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region (A Review for Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, And Western Samoa

APFSOS/WP/23 Asia Pacific Forestry Sector Outlook: Focus On Coconut Wood

APFSOS/WP/24 Ecotourism And Other Services Derived From Forests In The Asia-Pacific Region: Outlook To 2010

APFSOS/WP/25 Technology Scenarios in the Asia-Pacific Forestry Sector

APFSOS/WP/26 In-Depth Country Report - India

APFSOS/WP/27 People and Forests: Situation and Prospects

APFSOS/WP/28 Non-Wood Forest Products Outlook Study for Asia and The Pacific: Towards 2010

APFSOS/WP/29 Opportunities for Forestry Investment in Asia and the Pacific Through Carbon Offset Initiatives

APFSOS/WP/30 Country Report - The Maldives

APFSOS/WP/31 Country Report - Vietnam

APFSOS/WP/32 Country Report - Nepal

APFSOS/WP/33 Country Report - The Philippines

APFSOS/WP/34 Regional Study on Wood Energy Today and Tomorrow in Asia

APFSOS/WP/35 The Status, Trends and Prospects for Non-Wood and Recycled Fibre Sources in China

APFSOS/WP/36 Outlook, Trends and Options with Special Reference to Legislation, Institutions and Capacity Building (A Review for Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Japan and Vietnam) (Draft)

APFSOS/WP/37 Perspectives of Environmental Civil Society Organisations on Forestry in the Asia-Pacific Region: Outlook To 2010

APFSOS/WP/38 Country Report - Laos


APFSOS/WP/40(A) FAO Outlook Study On Wood Based Panels Production, Consumption and Trade in the Asia Pacific Region 1996 to 2010

APFSOS/WP/40(B) FAO Outlook Study On Wood Based Panels Production, Consumption And Trade In The Asia Pacific Region - 1996 To 2010 - China Section Study On China's Wood-Based Panel Market Outlook For The Years 2000-2010

APFSOS/WP/41 Scenarios For Extra- And Inter-Sectoral Developments Of Forestry Outlook Study For Asia And The Pacific

APFSOS/WP/42 Country Report - Forestry Of Mongolia

APFSOS/WP/43 Statistical Profile

APFSOS/WP/44 Urban Forestry

APFSOS/WP/45 Country Report - Indonesia

APFSOS/WP/46 Country Report - Thailand

APFSOS/WP/47 Country Report - Papua New Guinea

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