Participatory Evaluation of the Restocking Pilot Trails in Tuvshruuleh Sum, Arhangai Aimag Undertaken by the FAO TCP PROJECT

Table of Contents


August 7th-12th 1996

Conducted by:

Centre for Social Development,
IAMD, Ulaanbaatar
with FAO Head Quarters Officer Stephan Baas

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Table of Contents


Purpose of evaluation

Project evaluation objectives

Evaluation Methodology

Evaluation Findings

1. Impact on beneficiaries and the community
2. Participatory identification of beneficiaries and selection criteria
3. Selection and processing of animals
4. Project management and overall implementation process

Important Lessons and Recommendations for Future Implementation

APPENDIX 1 - TOR: Training in Monitoring and Evaluation

APPENDIX 2 - Terms of Reference for Evaluation Team Members Tuvshruuleh Pilot Restocking Project Review/Evaluation, Arhangai Aimag August 7th-12th 1996 Conducted by CSD/FAO/Min Ag

APPENDIX 3 - List of project beneficiaries and number of their animals before and after restocking

APPENDIX 4 - Revised monitoring system for Tuvshruuleh restocking project