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Under the FAO TCP Contract CSD was contracted to develop methods to monitor and evaluate project activities both through their measurable impact and especially through the perceptions of project beneficiaries of both process and outcome. Reports on the activities and results were to be submitted by the end of September. Initial activities in the form of a start-up Participatory Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop were begun by CSD in April 1996 and a report detailing these completed in May. CSD then conducted an ‘evaluation’, or review, of the project accompanied by the FAO HQ Officer Stephan Baas, in August, 5 months after the project’s start-up. The Ministry of Agriculture provided one member to join this team, along with the Aimag’s Restocking Project Officer Dinsambu, and 3 members of the Sum Project Work Team - Sum Governor, Sum Vet and ‘Livestock Specialist’. This report presents the findings of the evaluation, which although limited due to the short period of implementation, provided important insights for the start of the much larger IFAD Aimag Restocking Project, which was launched immediately after this. Conducting this evaluation at such an early stage in the project cycle therefore provided great benefit to the 6 sums included in the IFAD project, who received training from CSD after the launch seminar.

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