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Evaluation Methodology

The evaluation team divided into 2 groups to cover the participating bags (Bags I and II) separately, forming interviewing teams to meet with a range of community people, including project beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries. Sum Project Work Team members (some of whom were absent on holiday), Aimag Project Management and other key people such as the company director. A bag meeting was also held to get community feedback on the project, although this was not a quorum and consisted mostly of recipient households. This was also attended by the IFAD consultant Trevor Wilson and S. Khadka from UNOPS, the implementing agency for the IFAD Restocking Project.

Key areas of investigation were identified and key questions drawn-up as guidelines for interviewing (see the Terms of Reference for the Evaluation Appendix II). Key areas investigated were:

1. Impact on beneficiaries and the community
2. Community participation
3. Selection and processing of animals
4. Project management and overall implementation process

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