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APPENDIX 4 - Revised monitoring system for Tuvshruuleh restocking project

Indicators for project activities

Methods of collecting information



1. Number of households which live permanently in the countryside

- Official documents
- Checking on the spot

- Sum Project Work team

- once a season

2. Number of bod owned by household before receipt of animals, by type

- Accounting on the spot

- Project management
- Sum Project Work team

after beneficiary identification

3. Level of collaboration between household and others in hot ail. Division of labour of main tasks.

- Signed contract between household and head of hot ail
- Interviewing representatives of community

- Beneficiary leader

regular contact, feedback to Sum Work Team at monthly meeting

- Sum Project Diary

- Sum Project Work team

during field visits

4. Division of labour and workload of members in household

- Interviewing members of hot ail

- Beneficiary leader

as above

- Analysis of the daily routines of men and women in household

- Sum Work team

as above

5. - Number of animals remaining in herd

- Accounting on the spot

- Veterinarian/Breeding

once a season

- Health and quality of animals

- Checking

specialist/Bag governor

6. Level of productivity of animals

- Individual monitoring sheet

- Beneficiary

- Weekly/monthly

- Sum Work Team

- once a season

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