Social Aspects and Community Participation - Report of PRA Introductory Workshop on Rangelands Development and Wildlife Reserve

Table of Contents

April 6-16 1997

Workshop Prepared and Facilitated by:

Dawn Chatty

Stephan Baas

Senior Research Fellow

Poverty Alleviation Officer

Queen Elizabeth House


University of Oxford


Report prepared by
Dawn Chatty
Queen Elizabeth House
University of Oxford

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Workshop Objectives
1.2 Workshop Method and Agenda

2. Analysis of Sessions

2.1 Session 1: Introduction to PRA and Rangeland development
2.2 Session 2: Communications, Attitudes and Semi-Structured Interviewing
2.3 Session 3: Informal mapping
2.4 Session 4: Matrix ranking and scoring
2.5 Session 5: Practical field work
2.6 Session 6: Analysis of field and classroom findings
2.7 Session 7: Wrap-up and participatory evaluation of the workshop

3. Recommendations

3.1 General recommendations
3.2 Specific recommendations