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Monday 12 October 1998


Welcoming address:

· Kenyan Chairman;

· Senior Officer of UNEP;

· FAO Representative;

Introductory address by Senior FAO Forestry Officer on the following topics:

· Objectives and functions of socio-economic and forestry statistical information;

· Objectives of the project and workshop;

· Logistics.

Presentation of the African forestry situation by FAO Forestry officer (Regional Office, Accra)

· The role of forestry information in the formulation and development of sound sustainable forestry policy and programmes.


Work Luncheon

· Presentations

· Reports of participants on the status of forestry statistics in their countries and their use in policy and planning;


Welcome party.

Tuesday 13 October


Continuation of previous session;

Note : ICRAF, IUCN and FAN enriched the presentation and the discussions on the African Forestry status by presenting their on-going activities and programs in the Region.


Parallel sessions on Forest Products and Forest Resources.

Wednesday 14 October

Morning and afternoon

Parallel sessions on Forest products and Forest resources (see Appendix I).

Thursday 15 October


Plenary session to discuss outcome of parallel sessions;

· Review results;

· Workshop report and country reports; led by FAO Forestry Officer (Regional Office, Accra);


Field visit to Nakuru National Park.

Friday 16 October 1998


· Closing note by FAO Senior Officer (Rome) on the use of forestry sector data (national uses; international uses; and public availability of data) and next steps to be implemented;

· Next steps: (a-Pilot Studies, b-Outlook Study, c-Country Reports, d-Regional Outlook Study Reports; and e-Capacity Building and Assistance Needs)

· Conclusions and recommendations by the Chairman; Evaluation of the workshop;


· Farewell toast and lunch;

· Departure to Nairobi.

Subject of Parallel Sessions

    Forest Resources

    Forest Resources Information

· Methodology (definitions, model, etc.)

· Means of dissemination

    Needed Forest Resource Information

· Forest area: Type, disturbance, species group, availability for wood supply, ownership and management, eco-floristic zone, protection status, change

· Forest Plantations: Area, species, ownership, function, etc.

· Volume and biomass: Biomass, growing stock, commercial volume, increment, losses, felling and removals, change

· Forest health, forest fires

· Non-wood forest products

· Trees outside forests

    Needed Model Data

· Sub-national units, Population data

    Classification Systems

· Local, FAO

    Review of Local Data Available

· Country by country

    Review of Constraints and Evaluation

Forest Products

Informal Sector

· Statistics on Fuelwood

· Statistics on non-wood forest products

· Survey methods

· Working Group

Formal Sector

· Production and trade statistics of industrial roundwood, sawnwood, wood residues, panels, pulp and paper

· Yearbook of Forest Products

· Capacity & price statistics, conversion factor

· Working Group

Forestry Statistics and IT Today

· Data structure, classification and definition

· Collection, processing and dissemination of forestry statistics

· Demonstration: National and internat. exchange of forestry statistics and the role of national focal points

· Working Group

Country by Country Data Review

· Hands on the use of FAO electronic questionnaires

· Historical country data review

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