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This presentation on the state of genetic resources in the Sahelian and North Sudanian areas, together with the sub-regional action plan, are the fruits of concerted effort and team work from numerous collaborators. The acknowlegements of FAO, IPGRI and ICRAF go to all those people who contributed, either through direct involvement or through their useful advice, to this document, particularly to G. Agbahungba, K. Amian, E. Araya Eman, L. Bojang, A. Boyé, A. M. Brahimi, T. Byring, P. Danthu, D. Diawara, B. Diop, B. Ditlevsen, T. Djagba, I. El-Din Warrag, E. Eyog-Matig, S. Hald, R. Flood, J. M. Fondoun, A. R. Gorashi, A. Itkam, B. Kigomo, F. Koné, M. S. Koné, A. M. Kouyaté, M. Laminou Attaou, F. Marta, T. Moulnang, A. Nikiéma, E. Omollo, N. Ouattara, E. Ouro-Djéri, K.N. Sonko, Z. Sultan Kuflu, B.M. Taal and A.Yapi.

In memory of Mr Abdou Salam, a dear colleague and friend who will be dearly missed.

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