Transport and Inter-market Supplies in African Cities

Table of Contents

FAO Inter-regional Programme
“Food Supply and Distribution to Cities”

“Food into Cities” Revue

Laurence Wilhelm

Communication delivered to the Sub-regional FAO-ISRA Seminar
“Food supply and distribution in francophone African Towns”
Dakar, 14-17 April 1997

(working paper)

DT/1997E -FAO

Table of Contents

Acronyms and abbreviations


1. Modes of transport for urban goods in Africa and Madagascar

1.1 Modes of transport in the Sahelian cities: N’Djamena and Bobo-Dioulasso

1.1.1 N’Djamena
1.1.2 Bobo-Dioulasso

1.2. Modes of transport in two main port cities: Conakry and Dakar

1.2.1. Conakry
1.2.2. Dakar

1.3. Modes of transport in Madagascar: Antananarivo

2. Features of urban goods transport

2.1 Urban goods transport for inter-market supply and redistribution
2.2. Inter-market transport: collective passenger transport vehicles and specific vehicles
2.3. Urban transport of goods: a specific sector of urban transport
2.4. The number of urban goods vehicles: NMVs and motorized vehicles
2.5. A transport service tailored to meet the needs of the informal trading sector and private individuals
2.6. The cost to users of urban goods transport

3. Insufficient recognition of services by the authorities: facts and input for further consideration

3.1. General lack of information
3.2. The inland revenue authorities are aware that the sector exists
3.3. Urban goods transport: the role of local authorities
3.4. NMVs as a sustainable mode of transport
3.5. A global approach to urban goods transport in Africa