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The present Guidelines have been completed by the Fishery Resources Division and the Fishery Policy and Planning Division, Fisheries Department, with the collaboration of the FAO Legal Office, on the basis of inputs provided by many experts from outside and inside FAO over the last two years, including staff of government laboratories, universities and non-governmental organizations. We wish to thank in particular those who attended the Expert Consultation in New Zealand in January 1995, of whom we must mention Mr R. Allen (Chairman, New Zealand), as well as Mr M. Lodge (U.K.) and Mr M.P. Sissenwine (U.S.A.), Chairmen of the two working groups. Several experts also deserve individual mention: Mr J.F. Caddy (FAO Fisheries Department), who coordinated the work, Mr B. Pollock (Australia) and Mr J.J. Maguire (Canada), who subsequently helped with redrafting. Mr J. Kurien (India) and Mr T. Kenchington (Canada) also provided written inputs. Among FAO staff, D. Doulman, S. Garcia, R. Grainger, C. Newton, R. Welcomme, U. Wijkström and R. Willmann assisted in various ways. The final draft was prepared by A. Bonzon and K. Cochrane.

It has to be stressed that these Guidelines have no formal legal status. They are intended to provide support for the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Furthermore, in order to present the management process in all its complexity and diversity, the wording and structure of these Guidelines do not follow strictly the language and the structure of the Code. Therefore, any eventual differences in the terminology employed should not be understood as intending reinterpretation of the Code. Finally, it should be remembered that, since the Guidelines are intended to be flexible and capable of evolving as circumstances change, or as new information becomes available, they may be further revised and complemented by other guidelines, notes, etc., on specific issues.


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