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Evaluation of the Workshop

Forty persons (non FAO-members) attended the Workshop. Out of them, thirty-one, present on the last day, completed the questionnaire. Therefore, the sample is representative.

1. Participants' Expectations Regarding the Workshop

Before the Workshop, participants expected1

2. Participants' Satisfaction

Most of the participants were very satisfied with the Workshop itself (71% of the participants declared themselves very satisfied) as well as with the preparation of the Workshop (61 % of very satisfied). Main recommendation regards the program: In the future, there should be less presentations/papers, in order to leave more time for questions, debates and discussions.

3. The results obtained: Lessons Learnt and "Taken Away"

For most of the participants (74%), the results obtained conformed to their initial expectations and to the Workshop's objectives.

North-Americans reported as a lesson learnt from the Workshop: "There is a big difference between farm radio in the USA and rural radio in Africa". They are "curious" about African broadcasters, willing to help them, to support them. African broadcasters shared experiences with their continental colleagues (South-South cooperation) and are interested in financial resources available from the North (North-South cooperation).

When returning home, participants will still be involved in the Workshop: 100% of the participants declare that they will share what they heard, exchanges they had, and have the documents distributed to their colleagues. According to 84% of the answers, participants will also put into practice what they heard at the workshop

Here are some concrete actions participants will undertake.

4. Workshop Follow-Up: Recommendations by the Participants

Participants expressed many expectations, ideas for follow-up and cooperation projects.

5. Information requested

Asked about their needs in terms of information, participants want FAO to dedicate a website to rural radio, where they can:

1 Each participant may expect several expectations.

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