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This publication is based upon papers that were presented at the International Seminar on Decentralization and Devolution of Forest Management in Asia and the Pacific. The editors would like to acknowledge Ms. Janice Naewboonnien and Mr. Jeffery Bornemeier who assisted in proofreading many of the papers.

The international seminar was made possible because of the outstanding efforts of many organizations and individuals who worked together in excellent and close partnership. FAO/RAP and RECOFTC are especially grateful to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources/Forest Management Bureau (DENR/FMB) of the Philippines, which was a co-organizer of the seminar and played a key role in making the seminar a success. Particular thanks go to Ms. Mayumi Ma. Quintos, Chief of the Forest Economics Division and her team at FMB who worked countless hours to ensure that all necessary arrangements within the Philippines were made to the complete satisfaction of all participants. Outstanding assistance was also provided by the USAID-funded Natural Resources Management Program (NRMP), and the Development Alternatives, Inc. team that supports NRMP, in organizing the field trips on the island of Mindanao, assisting with local arrangements, providing Secretariat support, and financing the participation of many of the Filipino participants. The organizers would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Steffan Weidner who worked countless hours to ensure the international seminar was a success.

Core financial support for the seminar was provided by the USDA Forest Service, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Community Forestry Unit of FAO.

The large number of participants who received financial support to attend the seminar highlighted the great importance that many organizations are giving to decentralization and devolution in forest management. The organizers would like to thank all these organizations for providing the necessary financial support for participants and their follow-up work in preparing papers for this publication. Finally, FAO and RECOFTC thank all the participants who made presentations and actively participated in the seminar, and the authors who prepared papers for this publication.