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Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

Menasveta, D.
APFIC: Its Changing Role
FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand
RAP Publication: 2000/05, 77 p.


The paper reviews the needs for strengthening the role of regional fishery bodies in the Asia-Pacific region as there is a rapid fisheries development resulting in the depletion of many fish stocks in the region. These regional bodies should be provided with proper mandates to ensure the sustainability of the resources use. As for APFIC, due to its financial constraints, its changing role is suggested to concentrate its activities in three subregions, namely, the Yellow Sea, the South China Sea and the Bay of Bengal. These activities should cover fisheries information and data management, marine fisheries management, fisheries policies and planning and a regional consultative forum in coordinating fishery activities among various international fishery bodies in the region.

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