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Ninety-nine percent of the Norwegian supply comes from hydropower. Among other REs, biomass is the most significant contributor to current RE supply. It accounts for about four and a half percent of total primary energy supply.


Norway energy policy is focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Norway's main domestic policy for tackling CO2 emissions is a system for carbon taxes (first introduced in 1991), which is notable for its high rates. At present the tax rates cover about 60 percent of National CO2 emissions.

NOBIO - Norway Biomass Association is an independent association promoting biofuels. It comprises more than 200 members from various sector such as forestry, agriculture, wastes processing and various energy organisations and societies. It provides promotion of the wood-fuel industry and of RE projects. It also disseminates technological information and organises conferences and seminars.


Support is provided for information, training, education, demonstration, and market development projects.

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