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This regional study presents an overview of the total wood energy consumption in 28 Near East countries based on information available in selected international organizations and makes recommendations for further improvements of Wood Energy statistics to be used by Forestry administrative and energy agencies.

Wood Energy Today for Tomorrow (WETT) collects reviews and collates existing information and data on woodfuels and its related energy aspects at national level through the preparation of "regional studies". The main aim of these studies is to overcome the shortcomings encountered in the main wood energy databases and to fill the main data gaps. New and improved wood energy data, will contribute to (a) how, where and how much woodfuel is used in different countries and regions; (b) describe the contribution of forests, wood lands and trees to the energy sector; (c) assess the environmental impacts; and (d) identify the main critical problem areas to be tackled for the development of sustainable wood energy systems.

It is also expected that the development of improved wood energy data will contribute to the better understanding of wood energy systems and to the planning of more sustainable production and utilization. Unfortunately; the information available is still very weak and we have many data gaps to be filled in.

For this reason, you can help us providing more details and updated data on woodfuel aspects and issues. You can contact:

Sandra Rivero at:
Miguel A. Trossero at:

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