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Co-operation between the different statistic forestry and energy agencies at national and international level is needed to update and upgrade existing wood energy databases.

Exchange information among officers from Technical Units involved in wood energy statistics, within and outside the region.

Help FAO project activities with more detailed information to fill the data gaps in country tables which are being provided in a separate cover.

Facilitate the exchange of information and data using well-defined conversion factors and units.

Annex 1.1. Woodfuel Balance Scheme

Annex 1.2. Table: Biofuel classification scheme





Annex 2: Conversion Factors


Annex 3: Data Woodfuel cover 1980-1997

(see Excel File WEISNEAREASTPJ3)

Annex 4: IEA - Data cover 1971-1997

(see Excel File regional studies Near East. xls)

4.1. Charcoal (Non - OECD) [TJ]


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