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ANNEX II - Workshop Agenda

Monday 23 October

Morning session

· 08 :00 Enrolment of participants;
09 :30 Official opening Ceremony;
   - Welcome address by UNEP, Mr Bai-Mass Taal (text in Annex II) 
  - Welcome address by the FAO Representative in Kenya, Mr Gustafson (text in Annex II)
   - Welcome remarks and official opening of the workshop by the Kenyan Authority, Mr D. Mbugua, Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests (text in Annex II)
   - Photo session (Picture of the group of participants); 
  - Introduction by the Chair of the Workshop , Mr Pape Kone, FAO Regional Office for Africa ;
   - Programme framework and workshop objectives:
    - Presentation of the Partnership Programme EC-FAO, Mr P. Koné, FAO RAF (text in Annex IV);
    - Presentation of the Wood Energy Planning and Policy Development Component, (M. Trossero); 
    - Presentation of workshop objectives (M. Trossero);

Afternoon session Chair: Mr Philippe Girard, CIRAD-Forêt

· Diagnostic of existing capabilities to generate wood energy information and statistics
     · UNEP presentation on policy actions for enhancing the role of UNEP on forest-related issues: general assessment and perspectives on the implementation in 1992-2000, of Chapters 11 & 12 of Agenda 21. Mr Bai-Mass Taal, UNEP.
     · Presentation of country reports on the situation of wood energy information and national capabilities to generate them; role of wood energy statistics in sector policy formulations and planning. Country papers are reported in Annex III).
        · Eritrea , Mr E. Araya
        · Ghana , Mr E. Ofori-Nyarko
        · Kenya, Mr K. Kareko
        · Sudan, Mr M. E. Hussein

Evening session

· Welcoming Cocktail Reception offered by UNEP.

Tuesday 24 October

· Morning session (8h30) Chair:  Mr Yinka Adebayo, UNEP

· Continuation of the presentation of country reports on national capabilities to generate Wood Energy information.
    - Mozambique, Mr P. D. Mangue
Namibia, Mr M. Chakanga
Lesotho, Ms. N. L. Masilo  
  - Presentation of Uganda Pilot Study, Mr J. T. Tumuhimbise 
  - Presentation on Malawi, Mr R.F.E. Mumba, FSTCU

Afternoon session:
  Chair: Mr K. Kareko

  · Related activities of international/regional agencies and projects

  · RPTES/CRETAS,,by Mamadou DIANKA, Technical Secretary of RPTES' Group Africaine d'Appui (GAA).
  · CIRAD-Forêt by Dr. Philippe Girard, Head of Energy-Environment Unit.

Activities carried out by FAO on wood energy issues: 
  - FAO Wood Energy Programme, Mr M. A. Trossero
Presentation of the Unified Wood Energy Terminology (UWET)5 developed by FAO Wood Energy Programme, and other assessment tools/guidelines, Mr M. A. Trossero 
  - Presentation of FAO Regional Study "The Role of Wood Energy in Africa" 6, Mr S. Amous

Wednesday 25 October

Morning session (8h30): Chair: Mr E. Araya 
Activities carried out by FAO (continued): 
     - Review of international versus national information7 , R. Drigo
  · Other relevant FAO activities 
   - AFRICOVER; regional land cover mapping Project, by Mr Luca Alinovi, Chief Technical Adviser.
Regional Integrated Information System (RIIS) currently being implemented at IGAD, by Mr Massimiliano Lorenzini, Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare, Italy.
  · Presentation of Gambia case study, Mr L. Bojang
Presentation of main activities of the African Academy of Sciences in the field of sustainable forest management, Prof. Oweno.
  · Work groups activity. The participants divided into two groups to discuss on the themes proposed and produce comments, conclusions. The themes for discussion are given in the following section.

Afternoon session

  · Work groups activities continued.

Evening session
: Dinner offered by FAO at Hotel Landmark

Thursday 26 October


  · Field visit related to the topics of the workshop. Field trip organised by Mr D. Mbugua, DCCF, and Mr Kiunga Kareko, Kenya Forest Department.


  · Free afternoon

Friday 27 October

Morning session
(8:30) Chair: Michel Laverdiere

Work groups activities continued.
Review of critical/priority issues in wood energy sector Individual expression of priority ranking through questionnaire. Results are reported in Annex V.
  · Participants' evaluation of the workshop.
Separate presentation of conclusions and remarks on the proposed themes from the two. work groups.

Afternoon session

Presentation and discussion on the summary results from the questionnaire on priority/critical wood energy issues.
  · Presentation and discussion of the recommendations and of the plan of action resulting from the integration of the conclusions from the two work groups.
  · Evaluation of the workshop;

Official closure of the workshop

  · Conclusions and recommendations by Chair of the workshop
  · Official closure by Dr. Halifa Omar Drammeh, UNEP.

5 Ref.: Unified Wood Energy Terminology (UWET), FAO 2000. Document distributed to all participants.
6 Ref.: Wood Energy Today for Tomorrow (WETT), The Role of Wood Energy in Africa (FAO, July 1999) by S. Amous. Document distributed to all participants
7 Ref.: Review of Wood Energy reports from ACP African Countries, FAO 2000, by R. Drigo. Document distributed to all participants.

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