African Biological Diversity and Indigenous Knowledge
A new mailing list "africadiv" has been launched by the Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity Working Group at Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI) in collaboration with Nuffic-CIRAN (Centre for International Research and Advisory Networks).

This mailing list is devoted specifically to the sustainable use of biological diversity and indigenous knowledge in Africa.

The loss of traditional knowledge on resource use is one of the central problems of our times because the loss of knowledge ultimately contributes to the loss of biological diversity, including the plants for food and plants used to make medicines.

The purpose of this discussion list is:

to promote knowledge on biodiversity and indigenous knowledge in Africa;
invite the participation of natural and social scientists, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and any other entity with an interest in biodiversity and indigenous knowledge issues; and
share research materials, event announcements, funding, job and training opportunities, relevant newsletters, and news in general regarding the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge.

The moderators want this to be an opportunity for a frank exchange of differing views and experiences, in a way that challenges, stimulates and enlightens you. They expect this exchange will help stakeholders to enhance further the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge for sustainable development.

If you are interested and want to join this mailing list, send a message to:

lyris@lyris.nuffic.nl, and write SUBSCRIBE AFRICADIV [YOURFIRSTNAME] [YOURLASTNAME] in the body of the message, leaving the subject blank.

Arab Net

This Web site provides access to numerous links and information and is the resource for the Arab world in the Near East and North Africa.


An interesting Web site covering all aspects of the Amazon.

Bamboo Bambus Zhuzi


Biodiversity Support Program

This new resource offers visitors quick access to an overview of BSP's many projects, both regional and cross-cutting. An electronic library of reports, books, brochures and other publications is also available.

Mexican Network of Medicinal Plants
Please visit the very informative Web site (in Spanish) of the Mexican Network of Medicinal Plants (Red Mexicana de Plantas Medicinales). The Network has many activities and promotes the ecological conservation and sustainable management of medicinal plants.
[Please see under Country Compass for more information on this network.]

Boreal Forest Research Network

Canada's Yukon Territory's comprehensive Web site for forestry information.

Climate change and forestry listserv - CLIM-FO-L
FAO's Forest Products Division has started an electronic mailing list on climate change and forestry to share current information and experiences in this area of growing importance among interested parties. It will be open to anyone who is interested. However, it is essential for the success of this initiative to have a wide and active participation by experts and practitioners in both fields - forestry and climate change.

We welcome the following type of information relevant to climate change and forestry:

· publications, documents, and speeches;
Web sites;
announcements of events and job opportunities;
developments of climate change negotiations; and
opinions, comments and enquiries.

Your contributions are essential in making this a lively forum for exchange of up-to-date information on this issue of growing importance. Please send whatever you feel is pertinent and relevant to this topic to: CLIM-FO-L@mailserv.fao.org

To join the list, please send an e-mail to: mailserv@mailserv.fao.org , and write SUBSCRIBE CLIM-FO-L in the body of the message, leaving the subject blank.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Suzuko Tanaka, Associate Professional Officer, Forest Products Division, Forestry Department, FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100
Rome, Italy.
Fax: +39 0657055618;

Forest Energy Forum Web site

The Forest Energy Forum Web site has been improved. Now you can download faster and find more useful information including:

· updated information on FAO projects, publications and activities;
the latest issue of Forest Energy Forum; and
an increased number of links on bioenergy, renewable energy and climate change.

Forest Policy and Environment Group's new Web site

The Overseas Development Institute's (ODI) Forest Policy and Environment Group's (FPEG) new Web site contains a wealth of information on forestry-related issues. It includes the latest research papers by FPEG Research Fellows, as well as a searchable database of all of FPEG's Rural Development Forestry Network (RDFN) papers, which are published in English, French and Spanish.
The site is still expanding, and will soon provide access to much of the ODI library's forestry grey literature collection. Together, the RDFN papers and the grey literature archive represent a vast store of information on the social and economic aspects of forestry in the last 15 years. The materials chart the development of people-oriented forestry from both the donor and the host country perspective, combining project-level experience and policy-level insights in all regions of the world (but with a clear focus on developing countries).
The Web site also has an extensive links section with descriptions of many of the Internet's most important forestry Web sites, as well as an on-line noticeboard.

Network 2002

The United Nations Environment & Development Forum, now offers a free monthly newsletter, "Network 2002". This multi-stakeholder publication is being produced in preparation for Earth Summit 2002 - the ten year review of the first Summit in Rio in 1992.
The 2002 Summit will address and set the Sustainable Development agenda for the 21st Century, covering a wide range of environment, development and economic issues. Network 2002 will monitor progress and engage all groups, processes and issues over the next two years in the run-up to the Summit and beyond.
Network 2002 is circulated free each month by e-mail in Acrobat® pdf format and text format.

To subscribe, simply e-mail: network2002-subscribe@egroups.com ; alternatively, register on line at: www.earthsummit2002.org

NTFP Enterprise Development list serve

The NTFP Enterprise Development list serve is now under way. It will be moderated from Nepal by the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) and Asia Network for Small Scale Bioresources (ANSAB).

For more information, please contact:
Kenneth Nicholson, Non-Timber Forest Products Enterprise Development Specialist, SNV-Nepal (Netherlands Development Organization), PO Box 1966, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Fax: +977 1 523155;
kennic@mos.com.np ; or
Forests, Trees and People Network, SLU Kontakt/Research Information Centre, PO Box 7034, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden.
+46 18 671980;


Forest Policy Experts (POLEX) is an electronic list serve managed by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) in Bogor, Indonesia. Its objective is to keep key opinion leaders in the area of forestry policy informed about recent relevant policy research results by CIFOR and others. The list forms part of CIFOR's programme on the "causes of deforestation, forest degradation, and changes in human welfare in forested areas".

Any suggestions or feedback regarding the list serve are welcomed and should be sent to: David Kaimowitz at: d.kaimowitz@cgiar.org

To subscribe to the list, either contact David Kaimowitz or send an e-mail to: LISTSERV@CGNET.COM, containing the message: Subscribe POLEX.
Rural and Agricultural Incomes with a Sustainable Environment (RAISE)
RAISE is a worldwide initiative of USAID that promotes environmentally sound strategies for economic growth. The product information section of this Web site features technical, market and regulatory information, and commercial contacts for eco-friendly products. Examples include natural products (dyes, herbs, medicinal plants), forestry products, ecotourism. It also includes sections on best practices, bulletin boards, Internet links and upcoming events.

Sustainable Development Networking Programme, India

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada in collaboration of Ministry of Environment and Forests (India) has launched the portal site of Sustainable Development Networking Programme, India (SDNP-India).

SDNP-India aims to facilitate the process of sustainable development, promote good practices and strengthen the democratic processes through a mechanism of information exchange between the government and research organizations, non-governmental organizations, business establishments and the civil society over the electronic and hybrid media.

The Internet site provides access to a host of on-line databases, environmental legislation, case studies, publications, news clippings and electronic discussion groups on these issues. A database of international organizations working on sustainable development issues is being maintained on the Internet site and has been indexed according to subject area. The links section of the site provides a gateway to more than 1 500 other sites concerning environment and sustainable development.

Information on Environment and Sustainable Development is also available in local Indian languages, so as to enhance the reach of the programme.

For more information, please contact:
Vikas Nath, Programme Officer,
Sustainable Development Networking Programme (India), Room 1023, Paryavaran Bhawan, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003, India.
Fax: +91 11 436 1147;
sdnp@envfor.delhi.nic.in ;
http://sdnp.delhi.nic.in ; or
mirror site: http://members.tripod.com/sdnp_india

Sustainability Web Site

The site offers hundreds of searchable resources to help communities, businesses, educators, researchers, policy-makers, environmental managers, legislators and households make better decisions. This site also serves as an excellent electronic reference in high school and college classrooms where students are encouraged to learn how science, society and economics, as well as ethics and morality, influence our multidimensional lives.

The hundreds of information pages include discussions on population, climate, energy, natural resource use, coastal planning and management, human nature linkages, biodiversity, watershed protection, technology, sustainable agriculture, safe water supplies, waste management, community development, transportation, green building, economic revitalization, consumerism, sustainable cities, international security, politics, smart rural development, education, family relations, human values, etc.

Part of the Five E's Web site's purpose is to offer the public service of circulating and promoting the most current ideas, tools, and success stories involving people, places, and organizations attempting to achieve sustainability.

For more information, please contact:
Dr R. Warren Flint, Five E's Unlimited, PO Box 311, Pungoteague, VA 23422, USA.

Tibetan Plateau Project
The Tibetan Plateau Project sponsors the <tpp-tibmed-plants> list serve. The aim of this list serve is to promote the discussion and exchange of information on the topics of traditional Tibetan medicine and medicinal plant conservation.

To join, send an email to: tppei@earthisland.org , with the message: subscribe <tpp-tibmed-plants>.


Trio is the electronic newsletter of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC) and is available on line at:

Through its stories, told by a variety of voices from the NACEC community, you will learn of the cooperative efforts among people and organizations in Canada, Mexico and the United States in the protection of their shared North American environment.

Unasylva Web site renewed

The Web site of FAO's journal Unasylva has been renewed with a new design and increased functionality. The updated Web site offers access to the complete Unasylva collection (1947-2000) with full texts in English, French and Spanish. A newly created search engine permits users to search the collection by issue and by article, by author, by year and free key word.

A CD-ROM containing the complete Unasylva collection (which also contains the full search capability) is being completed and will be printed before the end of January 2001.

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