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12. Fire Precautions

12.1 Operational Requirements
12.2 Chainsaws and Machines


To conform with relevant legislation regarding fire prevention associated with harvesting operations.

To reduce the incidence of forest fires and damage to forests and/or other areas caused by such fires.

12.1 Operational Requirements

In times of high fire risk, as determined by the Forest Authority Officer or other authorities, the following should be observed:

reference should be made to Sections 706-732 of the ILO Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Forest Work;

operations should cease if conditions become extreme;

machinery must be clear of surplus oil and accumulations of vegetative material around surfaces that will become heated;

refuelling should only be carried out in areas where no flammable materials are within 3 m of the machine;

all welding activity should be done at least 3 m away from flammable materials;

no fire must be left unattended in the forest;

fires for cooking or other purposes shall only be lit in areas where a 3-m radius has been cleared of flammable material around the fire;

all fires must be completely out before leaving a harvesting area;

training related to fire risk and control should be provided for all workers;

fire suppression equipment should be provided in areas of high fire risk.

12.2 Chainsaws and Machines

All chainsaws and machines should be fitted with functioning fire screen/spark arrestors prior to the fire season.

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