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Monday, 21 September 1998
08.30–09.30General information
10.00–10.30Official opening: Welcome speech by Dr Rudolf Heinrich, FAO
10.30–10.45Cooperation between the Austria FFHC Committee and FAO by Dr H. Redl
10.45–11.15Introduction to forestry in Austria by G. Mannsberger, Austria
11.15–19.00Visit to the Ort Forestry Training Centre: Training facilities; multiple-use functions of the training forest; and demonstration of handtools and machines used for wood felling and timber extraction
Tuesday, 22 September 1998
08.30–08.50FAO Programme on Environmentally-sound Forest Engineering and Harvesting Practices (R. Heinrich)
08.50–09.10Austrian government support to enhance environmentally-sound forest operations by private enterprises (D. Hannak-Hammerl)
09.10–09.30New developments in forest harvesting and engineering technology in Austria (E. Pertlik)
09.30–09.50Infrastructure development to support sustainable forest management practices (G. Walter)
09.50–10.10Key economic indicators for Austrian forestry (M. Sekot)
10.10–10.30Technical and economic trends in the mechanisation of forest operations (O.Sedlak)
10.50–11.10Land use planning and forestry in Austria (F. Singer)
11.10–11.30Forestry extension and training in Austria (W. Jirikowski)
11.30–12.30Country Statements
14.00–19.00Visit to the Austrian Federal Forest Enterprise (Österreichische Bundesforste) Management of forest production and protection; multipurpose forests; use of mobile cable systems in steep terrain; transformation from state to private ownership of forest enterprises; and machine centre.
Wednesday, 23 September 1998
08.30–10.15Country Statements
10.30–12.00Country Statements
13.00–18.00Excursion to Almtal, Scharnstein-Steinbach -: Forest road planning, design and location in steep terrain for small forest holdings (farm forests) Formation of forest associations to enhance road development and use of mechanised harvesting systems, improve the efficiency of forest operations, and reduce environmental impact (O. Sedlak, W. Jirikowski, W. Wolf).
Thursday, 24 September 1998
08.00–19.00Excursion to Linz, Käfermarkt, Freistadt, Sandl, Windhaag. Cooperation of medium-sized forest enterprises in forest management, silviculture and forest production; production of wood chips from thinnings and wood residues in final cuts (G. Schartmuller);
Visit to the large-scale private Czernin-Kinsky forest enterprise, forest road infrastructure development, planning, control and evaluation of fully-mechanised forest operation in hilly terrain;
Use of contractors in forest operations (E. Sallinger);
Visit to the Winfhaag Forestry Museum
Friday, 25 September 1998
08.30–10.15Country statements
13.00–15.30Country statements
16.00–17.00Preparation of Conclusions and Recommendations
17.00–19.00Visit to Gmunden
Saturday, 26 September 1998
08.00–12.00Excursion to Hochburg-Ach Castell/Castell'sche Forest Enterprise: Study of highly-mechanised forest harvesting operations in final cuts; Production and environmental considerations in highly-mechanised forest operations (B. Mitterbacher, O. Sedlak);
13.00–16.00Visit to Salzburg
19.00–19.30Farewell speeches:Dr. H. Redl (Austrian FFHC Committee)
Dr. R. Heinrich (FAO)

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