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Appendix 9

Example of CAT Participation in On-Farm Research

A description is given here of the organization of on-farm R&D by Clubes Amigos da Terra (CATs)


  1. Locally adjusted technologies.
  2. Large scale validation of small plot results.
  3. Integration of all actors in R&D with farmers.
  4. Technical, physical, and material support to research, extension and producers.
  5. Installation of 10 field trials per year.

Period of execution: indeterminate

Collaborating agencies:

CAT, ZTAT, regional research foundation and federal/state research services.

Sponsors: 12 farm input suppliers



Free result dissemination:


Financial support:

Modus operandi - Stage 1:

Modus Operandi - Stage 2:

Modus Operandi - Stage 3:



  1. Private sector agribusiness support because the programme attends to farmers' demands
  2. Researchers have fund for on-farm R&D
  3. Better technology
  4. Improved technical management capacity of farmers
  5. Rationalization of technical sales for agribusiness

Guiding Principle:

The farmer is the best research assistant ever:

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