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This FAO Fisheries Technical Paper has been prepared to publish information that was compiled as a working paper for the World Commission on Dams (WCD). The material presented herein was previously submitted to WCD as FAO's contribution to the Thematic Reviews on Environmental Issues, initiated by WCD in their process of reviewing the various impacts and benefits of dams while preparing a global review on "Dams and Development". The World Commission on Dams had entrusted FAO to review, and to report upon, major fishery issues in relation to world dams. As agreed, the report delivered to WCD contained four individual reviews that had been prepared to address the following complexes of questions:
Have reservoir fisheries been successful in replacing river fisheries?
Which migration mitigation measures exist and how effective are they?
What is the information base and capacity required for effective management of fisheries through a dam project cycle (appraisal, design, construction, operation)?
What are the existing criteria and guidelines concerning dams and fisheries?
We acknowledge with thanks the useful comments and suggestions by Dr. T. Petr, Australia. Furthermore, the financial support by WCD is herewith duly acknowledged.

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