An Indexed List of FAO Publications Related to Aquaculture, 1960-2001

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FAO Fisheries Circular No. 924, Revision 1
FIRI/C924 Rev.1
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André G. Coche
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Rome, 2001

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Preparation of this document

FAO publications and documents related to aquaculture

How to obtain FAO publications

Comment obtenir les publications de la FAO

Como obtener publicaciones de la FAO

List of acronyms/Liste des sigles/Lista de las siglas

Bibliographic abbreviations/Abréviations bibliographiques/Abreviaciónes bibliografícas

List of FAO publications and documents (K series)

Published in 1960 - 1969
Published in 1970 - 1979
Published in 1980 - 1984
Published in 1985 - 1989
Published in 1990 - 1994
Published in 1995 - 1999
Published in 2000 - 2001
Publications in preparation

FAO regular serials related to aquaculture

Selected FAO Web sites and Cd-ROMs

FAO Internet Web sites related to aquaculture (W series)
FAO CD-ROMs related to aquaculture (C series)

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