Plantations and Wood Energy

Table of Contents

Based on the work of
Donald J. Mead
March 2001

Forest Plantations Thematic Papers

Forestry Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Forest Resources Development Service
Forest Resources Division
Forestry Department

Working Paper FP/5
FAO, Rome (Italy)

The Forest Plantation Thematic Papers report on issues and activities in forest plantations as prepared for FRA 2000. These working papers do not reflect any official position of FAO. Please refer to the FAO website ( for official information.
The purpose of these papers is to provide early information on on-going activities and programmes, and to stimulate discussion.
Comments and feedback are welcome.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Jim Carle, Senior Forestry Officer (Plantations and Protection),
Forest Resources Development Service
Forest Resources Division
Forestry Department - FAO
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
I-00100 Rome (Italy)

For quotation:
FAO (2001). Plantations and wood energy. Report based on the work of D. J. Mead. Forest Plantation Thematic Papers, Working Paper 5. Forest Resources Development Service, Forest Resources Division. FAO, Rome (unpublished).

Please Note:
The figures in this paper are estimated forest plantation areas in 1995, based on a revision to the statistics collected in the 1990 forest resources assessment. More up-to-date forest plantation statistics will be published when the 2000 forest resources assessment is published in 2001.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Present status of woodfuel

2.1 Current woodfuel use

2.1.1 The 'woodfuel crisis'

2.2 Woodfuel production systems
2.3 Current energy plantations
2.4 Have plantings for energy been successful?

3. Planting for woodfuel

3.1 Woodfuel production trends
3.2 Planting systems

3.2.1 Forest plantations
3.2.2 Systems outside forests

3.3 Species for energy
3.4 Silvicultural aspects
3.5 Social and environmental aspects

4. Conclusions


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