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Module 1 - Introduction and objectives sharing

A well-organized inaugural and introductory session is important for building rapport among the participants and the trainers and reinforcing the goals of the training.

What you will learn in this module

making people comfortable with one another
creating a good atmosphere for training
enabling participants to learn about themselves
enabling participants to gain useful information
about one another e.g. skills, experience and strengths
sharing objectives
discussing objectives, the session schedule, methodology and agreeing on these


Session 1

Programme inauguration

30 to 45 min

Session 2

Introduction of participants

45 min to 1 hour

Session 3

Sharing objectives

45 min to 1 hour

Session 1 - Inauguration of programme

Session 2 - Introduction of participants

Session 3 - Sharing objectives

What you have learnt in this module

Introducing participants through games helps them to open up to each other and to build up rapport between the participants and facilitators during the workshop.

Sharing of the objectives and expectations of the participants helps to match their expectations with the workshop topics. This makes it possible at the very start of the workshop to change topics according to the needs of the participants.

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