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The first rains were registered in the south-west and centre-south in late April. They remained limited in the south-west in early and mid-May and progressed to the west in late May. During the first dekad of June, rains increased in the central and south-western producing regions. In the east, seasonably dry conditions prevail. Land preparation has now started. Planting will start following the onset of regular rains.

There was an unconfirmed report of isolated Desert Locust solitary adults in Tamesna during May. If confirmed, these locusts are expected to persist and may be supplemented by other adults and perhaps a few small groups coming from the Red Sea area. However, numbers are likely to remain low. Small scale egg laying could occur with the onset of the rains; otherwise, any incoming adults are likely to continue moving westwards.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)


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