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Following sporadic early rains in the extreme south in late March, more widespread rains were registered in the south in late April. They decreased in early and mid-May, except in the south-west but resumed in late May. First rains may have been received in the Sahelian zone during the first dekad of June. Planting of coarse grains is underway in the south and will progress northwards following the onset of regular rains. Sorghum is emerging in Léré region and millet is already tillering in Békao area.

Grasshoppers are reported in Ouaddaï. Treatments have been undertaken. Worms also caused substantial damage to maize on islands of Lake Chad. There was an unconfirmed report of Desert Locusts coming from the east in late May; no further details could be obtained. Low numbers of adults and perhaps a few small groups may appear in the north coming from the Red Sea area, moving towards the west if there is no rain and areas continue to remain dry.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)
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