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Following generally well distributed rains in late August, crops are developing mostly satisfactorily. Rains remained widespread and regular over most areas in August. They were more abundant during the second dekad in the centre and the west. They decreased in intensity during the third dekad and in early September but remained well distributed. Stages of development of the crops vary between elongation/flowering/heading stages. Early millet has already been harvested and has appeared on the markets in some areas. Provided good rains continue up to late September, an harvest better than last year is anticipated.

Infestations of grasshoppers are reported in Diffa and Zinder departments. Insect attacks are also reported in several areas. There was an unconfirmed report by travellers of isolated Desert Locust adults in the Ar in late July. Small scale breeding is likely to be in progress in a few areas of Tamesna and Ar where rains have fallen recently. As favourable conditions are thought to be limited to some wadis and depressions, only low numbers of hoppers and adults are likely to be produced.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)


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