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Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa, 27-29 October 1998

The Basic Foodstuffs Service of FAO's Commodity and Trade Division is supporting the first international conference to be held on the theme of milk and dairy products in schools. The conference is hosted by the South African Committee of the International Dairy Federation and is also supported by the South African Milk Producers' Organization and the International Dairy Federation. 

In many countries, school milk programmes are being re-examined as a vehicle for promoting the consumption of milk and establishing the habit of milk drinking in adult life. The conference aims to bring together a wide range of international expertise on school milk programmes, in order to allow participants to learn from this experience and apply it in their home countries. 

Conference details are also available on: 


Further details can also be obtained from: 

Ms Lelani Matthee
Milk Producers' Organisation
P.O. Box 1284 - Pretoria - 0001 South Africa
Tel: 0027 12 8044800 - Fax: 0027 12 8044811
E-mail: mpo@cis.co.za

A temporary e-mail list has been opened for the discussion of issues relating to school milk. Anyone interested in joining the list, which will run until the conference is held in South Africa in October, should send an e-mail message including the words "school milk" to: Michael.Griffin@fao.org

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