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Agricultural activities are hampered by on-going civil disturbances. Fighting, which started in Bissau on 7 June, intensified and spread to other towns in late June/early July. No information on crop prospects has been received from the country but insecurity is likely to impede normal agricultural activities at the critical planting period. Satellite imagery indicates that rains started in the east in mid-May, stopped in late May but resumed in early June, progressing over the entire country from mid-June.

Normally, in June, planting of coarse grains should commence in the east and the north and that of rice be undertaken in seedbeds. Transplanting should start in July/August after desalination of swamp rice fields following stronger rains. It is currently difficult to know how far areas planted will be reduced but 1998 production will certainly be reduced following the crisis (see further details in box on page 2).


Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)



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