FAO/GIEWS - Foodcrops & Shortages 09/98 - VIET NAM (3 September)

VIET NAM (3 September)

Prolonged drought in central Vietnam has dried up major reservoirs damaging more than 8 000 hectaresof paddy. The situation is expected to worsen as more dry weather is forecast. However, torrential rains in northern provinces have swollen major rivers including the Red River, Thai Binh and Lo to danger levels, threatening severe flooding. Flash floods have also resulted in loss of life and damage to crops and property in the Mekong Delta. More than 3 000 hectares of maize were also reported to have been damaged in the south east of the country.

In response to rising domestic rice prices and to ensure domestic availability, the Government has imposed a limited ban on new export contracts from August 15. Subsequently, export targets for 1998 were revised down to 3.6 million tonnes from the original 4 million tonnes.

Aggregate paddy output in 1998 is expected to be slightly lower than last year’s figure of 27.5 million tonnes.

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