FAO/GIEWS - Food Outlook No.4 - September 1999 p. 7

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The Basic Foodstuffs Service of the Commodities and Trade Division has established new e-mail based networks for the exchange of information on developments in the global rice, pulses and oilcrops markets. These exchange services are named, Rice Market Network, Pulses Market Network and Oilcrops Market Network respectively.

To subscribe to any of these networks (which are free-of-charge), leave the subject blank and send one of the corresponding following messages to:


Subscribe Rice-market-L
Subscribe Pulses-L
Subscribe Oilcrops-L

The primary purpose of these services is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the national and international markets for those commodities. Registered users are invited to supply articles, publications and statistical reports on the rice, pulses and oilcrops sectors in their own countries/regions while they are also encouraged to post questions and answers on topics of interest related to those commodities. Since global coverage is an essential feature of this service, users can send their messages in English, French or Spanish.
In summary, the objectives of this new FAO service are:

a. The exchange of information on rice, pulses and oilcrops markets between list members via the FAO mail server;
b. The circulation of FAO's reports dealing with current developments in the world rice, pulses and oilcrops markets.

Begin your participation in these exchange systems by forwarding some information on the rice, pulses and oilcrops sectors to which you have access and which you consider of interest to others. After subscribing to the respective networks, you can address your contributions to:

Rice-Market-L@mailserv.fao.org for rice;
Pulses-L@mailserv.fao.org for pulses; and
Oilcrops-L@mailserv.fao.org for oilcrops.


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