FAO/GIEWS - Food Outlook No.1 - February 2000 p. 18

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Editorial Note

Food Outlook is issued by FAO under the Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture. It gives a concise analysis of information affecting the situation and outlook for basic foodstuffs. The release dates and contents in 2000 are as follows:

Issue No.
Release Date1/
14 February
10 April
12 June
18 September
13 November
Cereal supply/demand roundup2/
Cereal production, trade, stocks & prices
Extended report on cereal utilization
Food Aid
Ocean Freight Rates
Other Commodities
Milk and milk products
Oilseeds, Oils and Oilmeals
Special Features3/

This month's issue is based on information available up to 28 January 2000. Contributors to this issue are as follows:

Cereals Production (excl. rice): S. Ahmed (Eastern Africa & Near East); Ms. L. Balbi (Southern Africa and Great Lakes); M. Bamba (North Africa & Oceania developing); Ms. M. Drysdale (CIS); S. Jost (Western and Central Africa); M. Gavela (Latin America and Caribbean); A. Markanday (Asia); P. Racionzer (Europe, North America & Oceania developed)
Cereals Trade, Carryover Stocks and Prices (excl. rice): A. Abbassian

Rice: S. Mbabaali; Meat: Ms. N. Morgan; Oilseeds, Oils and Oilmeals; P. Thoenes; Fertilizers: J. Poulisse

ENQUIRIES should be directed to Mr. Abdur Rashid, Chief, Global Information and Early Warning Service, Commodities and Trade Division (ESC), FAO - Rome. Direct Facsimile: 39-06-5705-4495; E-mail giews1@fao.org).

Please note that some of the GIEWS regular reports can be received by E-mail through automatic mailing lists. More information is available on the Web at: http://www.fao.org/giews/english/listserv.htm

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