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Plantings benefitted from above normal rains but crops may suffer water stress following limited precipitation in early July. Following generally above normal rains during the first and the third dekad of May, precipitation decreased significantly during the first dekad of June but became widespread and abundant in mid June. Rains again decreased in late June except in the east and remained generally below normal in early July. Cumulative rainfall as of late June was generally above last year's level and above average. Therefore, conditions were favourable for the planting of millet and sorghum in the north and for their emergence in the rest of the country but more rains are needed to avoid water stress following reduced precipitation of late June/early July, notably in Kossi, Mouhoun and Sourou provinces in the north-west and in Gnagna, Namentenga and Ganzourgou provinces in the east.

Pastures are starting to regenerate countrywide and water reserves are being replenished. No pest activity is reported.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)


Page with graphics of the evolution of Cold Cloud Duration average values over various zones of the country and compared to 1989-1995 average values.



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