Significant and well distributed rains allowed satisfactory crop development. During the first two dekads of August, precipitation became regular and well distributed across the country. Rains were particularly abundant during the last dekad of August and in early September. Transplantation of swamp rice is about to be completed. Early transplanted rice is tillering while millet, sorghum and upland rice are elongating/heading. Harvesting of the early maize has started in Bafata and Gabu regions. Crop prospects are favourable particularly in the eastern regions.

Pastures are abundant countrywide. Infestations of grasshoppers are reported in Bafata and Gabu regions, but no significant damage is reported.

Satellite Images (Cold Cloud Duration for the last three dekads)

Page with graphics of the evolution of Cold Cloud Duration average values over various zones of the country and compared to 1989-1995 average values.


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