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The author wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the many officials at FAO Headquarters who were interviewed during the period 5 April-25 May 2001 for the development of this paper on «Agricultural and rural extension worldwide: Options for institutional reform in the developing countries».

The assignment could not have been completed without the invitation and indepth assistance of the officials in SDRE (Extension, Education and Communication Service): Ester Zulberti, Chief; M. Kalim Qamar, Agricultural Extension and Training; Abdullah Gaaya, Agricultural Extension and Training; Loy Van Crowder, Communication for Development; Jean-Pierre Ilboudo, Communication for Development; Mario Acunzo, Communication for Development; L. Gasperini, Agricultural Education; Jacques Jallade, Agricultural Education; P. Lacki, Agricultural Education and Extension; and William Seiders, Rural Youth.

Officials at SDRR (Research and Technology Development Service) were also helpful in understanding the role of this important unit, especially Abubaker Maddur and John Stenhouse.

Other FAO officials engaged in extension and extension-related activities provided the author with a broad view of the various services within the FAO, viz., Andrew MacMillan, Investment Centre (TCI); Richard China, Investment Centre (TCI); François Dauphin, Investment Centre (TCIE); Guy Evers, Investment Centre (TCIR); Kevin Gallagher, Plant Protection Service (AGPP); Doyle Baker, Farm Management and Production Economics Service (AGSP); John Dixon, Farm Management and Production Economics Service (AGSP); Yeb Hiemstra, Field Operation Division, SPFS Coordination and Monitoring Branch (TCOS); Ronald Maine, Fishing Technology Service (FIIT); Jan Johnson, Fishing Technology Service (FIIT); Katharine Warner, Forestry Policy and Institutions Branch (FONP); Hiroyuki Tanaka, Forestry Policy and Institutions Branch (FONP); Florence Egal, Nutrition Programmes Service (ESNP); John Rouse, Rural Institutions and Participation Service (SDAR); James Bingen, Agricultural Support Systems Division (AGS); (seconded from U. of Michigan); Stephen Rudgard, World Agricultural Information Centre (WAICENT); Simon Mack, Animal Production Service (AGAP); and John Hourihan, Women in Development Service (SDWW).

Others who have contributed to the author’s development of the paper include Denis Lucey, Consultant to OECD, Gary Alex, Consultant to World Bank, and Kerry J. Byrnes, USDA Economic Integration and Free Trade Advisor, USAID Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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