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The FO-Publications page of FAO Forestry Department's Web site has been updated and changed. The site is available in three languages, although all document titles are not translated, since the entire publication content is being updated. A new e-mail address has been introduced for ordering Forestry Department publications (FO-publications@fao.org). Mail arriving at this address is read by the staff of the Forestry Library, who also take care of the distribution of requested documents. Please note, however, the contact address for priced publications (Publications-Sales@fao.org).


The FO-Databases page has also been changed. Under each database entry a brief explanation is given of its content.


Forestry story online

The Web story "Forestry forum spotlights poverty alleviation" is available now on the FAO Web page. It can be accessed from the FAO front page or by clicking on:

For Arabic: www1.fao.org/ar-iso/news/2001/010906-a.htm  

For English: www.fao.org/news/2001/010906-e.htm

For French: www.fao.org/nouvelle/2001/010906-f.htm

For Spanish: www.fao.org/noticias/2001/010906-s.htm

Amazonia Web site

The site is an attempt to orient the surfer to the various "worlds" that exist in the Amazon.



A group of scientists has initiated an international effort called BorNet to strengthen the scientific basis for maintaining boreal forest biodiversity. BorNet aims to: understand the human footprint on the boreal; inform the setting of nature conservation targets; find indicator species; analyse habitat loss; and enhance communication between scientists and foresters.


Certified Forest Products Council (CFPC)

CFPC's mission is to conserve, protect and restore the world's forests by promoting responsible forest product buying practices throughout North America.


Certified Wood Products

The purpose of this site is to act primarily as a clearinghouse for information on the certified forest products marketplace and certification, with a secondary emphasis on issues surrounding sustainable forest management and sustainability in general.


Chile Forestal Negocios



American Indian ethnology database

This is an electronic database containing food, drug, dye, fibre and other plants used by native North American peoples (a total of more than 47 000 items); 291 Native American groups and 3 895 species from 243 different plant families are represented.


FSC database

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificates are now listed on the Internet via a new database developed by the Certified Forest Product Council in the United States. North American product information is already available and in the future the database will also include information on Europe.


ICIMOD library database

The entire International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Library database is now available online.


New US non-timber forest product database

This database currently lists 857 commercial and non-commercial non-timber forest product species and is intended to help in the identification, development and conservation of NTFP species. You can search by scientific name, common names, product use, parts used, state range and distribution, and whether or not it is known to be commercially harvested. http://ifcae.org/ntfp/ 

In addition to the product database, the US NTFP Web site has a searchable bibliographic database and Internet links database.

For more information, please contact:

Eric T Jones, Partner,
Institute for Culture and Ecology (501c3),
PO Box 6688, Portland,
Oregon 97228-6688, USA.

The SANREM West Africa annotated bibliographical database

The Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program (SANREM CRSP), funded by USAID, has announced the West Africa Annotated Bibliographical Database. This database is hosted on SANREM West Africa Project's (SANREM WA) home page and is a vital multidisciplinary resource for those concerned with the holistic goal of food security and development in the West African Sahel.

This specialized annotated bibliographical database on food security and development in the West African Sahel targets decision-makers, researchers and development practitioners concerned with sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and conflict resolution in the West African Sahel. This database resource is an intersection of these fields, addressing the day-to-day crises of competing interests seeking food security dependant on a diminishing resource base.

To date, this database holds more than 600 bibliographic records pertaining to sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, conflict management and resolution and other issues related to food security in the West African Sahel. These searchable records contain abstracts that can be reviewed.

Key features are:

• Documents are in French and English.

• Significant amounts of "grey" (fugitive) literature from Africa, particularly West Africa.

• Consolidated information on the topics of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management with information on conflict resolution and management.

If you have documents that are relevant to the themes of sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, and conflict management, please send attachments including an abstract (in Word or WordPerfect) to: sanrem@vt.edu  


Species conservation database (WISIA)

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz, BfN) has recently launched a searchable database which holds information on the national and international protection status of more than 10 000 animal and plant species. This Internet tool presents, for the first time, a synoptic view of the diverse field of species conservation legislation. A permanent update of data is guaranteed by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz) as soon as one of the relevant species conservation regularizations is amended.

The database holds information on animals of 1 407 genera and 7 218 species; on the plant side it contains 2 821 species from 1 034 genera. The CITES-EC Regulation No. 338/97 alone, which implements CITES in the European Union, covers 4 756 animal species in its Annexes A and B.


For more information, please contact:

Dr Uwe Schippmann,
Bundesamt für Naturschutz,
Konstantinstrasse 110,
D-53179 Bonn, Germany.
E-mail: wisia@bfn.de;

Directory of Forest-Related International and Regional Institutions and Instruments



The FRAME Web site is not only a library of technical reports and country data, but also a gateway to other databases and mechanisms. It facilitates the use of up-to-date information by environment and natural resource management professionals in Africa and encompasses: a Web gateway to analytical tools and information, mechanisms to share lessons and experiences, a Contact Group and networks of experts, and linkages to enhance collaboration among partners. Funding for FRAME is provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Africa Office of Sustainable Development.


Global association of online foresters


New search engine

This agricultural search engine (not a directory site) has more than 300 000 Web pages.



Amazon News list

Amazon News is a free weekly newsletter by Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, with a selection of news published by Brazilian media in the latest week and translated into English.

Subscribe online through the Web site:


Biodiversity and Intellectual property rights - BIO-IPR

BIO-IPR is an irregular listserver put out by Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN). Its purpose is to circulate information about recent developments in the field of intellectual property rights related to biodiversity and associated knowledge.

To join, send the word "subscribe" (no quotes) as the subject of an e-mail message to: bio-ipr-request@cuenet.com

For general information about GRAIN, please contact:
E-mail: grain@grain.org;

EcoNews Perú

EcoNews Perú es la primera agencia de noticias ambientales del Perú. Su objetivo es proveer de información sobre temas ambientales al público peruano a través de despachos diarios libres de costo a los medios de comunicación (prensa escrita, radio, TV e Internet).

Para ello, ha sido desarrollado un sistema de cobertura diaria de noticias que abarca los campos de la ecología, los recursos naturales y la problemática ambiental, empleando tecnología de punta y aprovechando la experiencia adquirida en años de trabajo a lo largo y ancho del país.

EcoNews Perú espera que esta experiencia, única en su género en el continente, permita crear conciencia en el público peruano acerca de los temas relacionados con la naturaleza y el uso de sus recursos, así como evaluar la respuesta de los medios y las autoridades nacionales respecto de la información vinculada al ambiente.

Para más información, dirigirse a:

Correo electrónico: econews@econewsperú.com;

F R A M Egram

A new twice-monthly bulletin produced by FRAME on strategic environmental issues in Africa. To subscribe, please send an e-mail to: framemail@irgltd.com

IUFRO Non-Wood Forest Products News

The inaugural issue of the IUFRO Non-Wood Forest Products newsletter can be found on the IUFRO Web site:


Several activities are being initiated with the newsletter. The professional expertise database is designed to serve as a forum and the discussion group hopefully will advance discussion on critical issues. The initial topic of discussion is the C&I for NWFPs.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Jim Chamberlain,
Non-Timber Forest Products Research Technologist,
US Forest Service,
Southern Research Station,
IUFRO Research Group 5.11
(Non-wood Forest Products),
1650 Ramble Road,
Blacksburg, VA 24061,
Fax. +1 540 2311383;
e-mail: jachambe@vt.edu;


UNDP helps countries work towards the UN Millennium Summit goal of halving world poverty by 2015. Newsfront brings stories of big breakthroughs and small gains.

Subscribe online at:


RECOFTC e-letter

The RECOFTC e-letter is a bi-weekly e-mail intended to provide news and information on community forestry related activities and issues throughout the region. It is published by the Regional Community Forestry Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC). Back issues of the RECOFTC e-letter can be found at:


To subscribe, or for more information, please contact: contact@recoftc.org

NTFP Project in Viet Nam

The Sustainable Utilization of Non Timber Forest Products Project Viet Nam, based in the Non Timber Forest Products Research Centre, Hanoi and supported by IUCN, has a new Web site.



Includes information on pine straw studies and management.


Philippine Plant Specialist Group


Plants for a future

This project, based in the United Kingdom, seeks to gather together and disseminate information on the many useful properties of plants, particularly rare and unusual plants that have medicinal, edible or other uses. The project practises vegan-organic permaculture with emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable environment and perennial plants. It maintains a database of over 7 000 plant species.


Small enterprise development Web sites



The Forest Management Trust

This non-profit organization located in Gainesville, Florida, United States, is updating its Web site and is in search of photographs of forests, forest management, forest products (timber and NTFPs) and forest-based people and communities. Photogpahps from tropical forests are needed, but other forest types are also appropriate, especially forests in the southeastern United States. No payment can be made but credit will be given in the Web site.

For more information, please contact:

Stephen Taranto,
Forest Management Trust.
E-mail: staranto@foresttrust.org;
Nacho Paz Posse,
E-mail: ignaciopp@email.com

Tree Conservation Information Service


UN Commission on Sustainable Development

This includes a vast amount of country information on forests, based on country reports to CSD.


USDA Forest Service International Programs' latest highlights - available online



Woodnet is the online home for all involved in the Forest and Wood products industry.