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This report was commissioned by the FAO Forestry Department. It is a revised version of a first draft dated May 5, 1997. Please direct inquiries to: Jeffrey R. Vincent, HIID, 1 Eliot Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.
(e-mail address:

Directly or through FAO, several individuals generously assisted us in obtaining materials reviewed in this report. In alphabetical order, they include: James Aggrey-Orleans, Mark Anielski, Giles Atkinson, Christian Averous, Edward Barbier, Peter Bartelmus, Clark Binkley, Marcel Claude, Ronaldo Serôa da Motta, Marian delos Angeles, Joshua Dick, John Dixon, Salah El Serafy, Peter Eliasson, Gérard Gravel, Kirk Hamilton, John Joisce, John Kellenberg, Karl-Göran Mäler,
Brian Newson, David Pearce, Henry Peskin, Robert Repetto, Claudia Sadoff, Steven Shultz, and Fulai Sheng.
We especially thank Yves Dube. We apologize to anyone inadvertently left off this list.

We also thank the various individuals who commented on the first draft of the report, especially Salah El Serafy and participants in a workshop held at FAO on June 13-14. We single out Alessandra Alfieri and John Joisce for their efforts to help us understand the consistency (or lack thereof) of procedures proposed in this report with established national accounting procedures. We, not they, are responsible for any remaining errors of interpretation in the report.

Finally, we thank Kristen Phelps and Jennifer Watts for technical assistance in preparing the manuscript, and Phil Krall, Lenore Myka, and Peter Zapfel for assistance on other projects that fortuitously was useful for this one.


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