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Some species, like Albizzia lebbeck, Casuarina collina, Melaleuca quinquenervia and Samanea saman are common and not endangered.

Except for exotic species like pines or eucalypts, the best strategy for conservation is to protect their remarkable habitats rather than the species alone (Appendixes 5 and 6). However, several species are not well enough known. Genetic studies, trials both in situ and ex situ, cultivation in nurseries or growth studies must be instituted for Agathis corbassonii, A. ovata, Araucaria nemorosa, A. montana, Montrouziera spp., Santalum spp. and Terminalia, and others trees of the sclerophyllous forests. There has been no in vitro cultivation in New Caledonia. Pinus caribaea is the only species with a genetic selection and industrial plantation programme.

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