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 Common carpGrass carpSilver carpBighead carpChannel catfishPikePike-perchEuropean catfishTenchCatlaRohuMrigalKalbasu
Age at 1st maturity yearsTemperate zone3–44–74–66–8♀3♀3–4♀3–4♀4–5♀3–4Do not survive in temperate zone
Subtropical and tropical zones13–52–33–4-----2–32–31–31–2
Size at 1st maturity, cm/kgTemperate zone25–40 cm50–70 cm60–80 cm70–80 cm♀1.5–4 kg♀30–40 cm♀30–40 cm50–70 cm25–30 cm----
6–8 kg2–6 kg5–10 kg♂0.3–0.5 kg♂20–30 cm♂25–30 cm
Subtropical and tropical zones15–20 cm4–6 kg2–4 kg3–7 kg-----2–5 kg 45–55 cm1–3 kg 29–51 cm1–3 kg 35–55 cm1–3 kg 1–3 kg
 No. of eggs/kg body weight (000)100–20060–8060–8050–602–317–22150–20020–3080–120100–250200–400150–300250–400
 Spawning season and temperature, °CSpringRainy seasonRainy seasonRainy season21–29 MayEarly springSpringMay-JuneMay-Juneduring the rainy season (S.W. monsoon)
18–2222–2521–2522–26(average 26)6–1210–1222–2422–2424–31 (opt:27)24–31 (opt:27)24–31 (opt:27)24–31 (opt:27)
 Manner of spawningin groupsin groupsin groupsin groupsin pairsin small groupsin pairsin pairsin groupsin groupsin groupsin groupsin groups
 Spawning placefreshly inundated grassy areain gravel bottomed areas of riversriversriversconfined waterslittoral zones of confined watersdeeper parts of confined waterson roots in confined watersgrassy areas of confined watersinundated areas adjoining river banks
 Type of parental care, if anynonenonenonenonemale guards and aerates the eggsnonemale guards the eggs for a few daysmale guards the nestnonenonenonenonenone
 Diameter of : Dry1–1.50.9–1.20.7–11–1.1-1.5–20.6–0.81.5–20.4–0.52–3.21–1.11–1.5?
 eggs, mm : Swollen1.5–2.53.7–5.33.7–5.33.7–5.32–2.52.5–31–1.53–40.6–0.74.4–6.52.5–54.5–63.4–4.4
 No. of dry eggs in 1 kg (000)700–1 000800–900900–1 100600–8006–9180–2201 500–2 200180–2202 000----
 No. of swollen eggs in 1 l (000)80–12016–1818–2212–16-50–801 000–1 30030–50600–70012–2221–2617–3722–36
  Incubation : in days/h3.5–4 days1–1.5 days1–1.5 days1–1.5 days10 days (at 21°C)8–15 days6–10 days2.5–3 days3 days14–20 h14–20 h16–24 h14–20 h
5 days (at 29°C) 
: in day-grades60–70 24–30 24–30 26–30 - 120–140 110–120 50–60 60–70 20–22 20–22 22–25 22–25
 Larval : in days3–43–43–43–45–76–135–94–55–63–43–43–43–4
 stage : in day-grades 60–70 60–70 60–7060–70  100–120 100–110 70–100 100–110    
 Length of hatched larva, mm4.8–55–5.25–5.25–5.2 8.5–8.74.5–56.4–6.63.5–3.64.4–5.33–4.53.5–4.83.2–4.2
 Length of just feeding fry, mm6–76–76–6.57–8 11–145–68–94.5–5.56.5–6.66.4–6.56.5–6.66.4–6.5
 Length of 1 month-old fry, mm25–3525–3025–3025–30 30–5025–5030–5015–2026–3625–3525–3525–35
 Size of first food, microns100–30050–30050–25050–300 200–50050–200200–50050–10050–30050–25050–25050–250

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