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The desk study (contd.)

Table 4.8 Inboard-powered craft by small-scale fishing gear and coastal zone, 1985 and 1995

Types of Fishing Method19851995% Change
Coastal ZoneCoastal Zone
Shrimp gill net3113803211163921,520369187126863501,11818.6-50.8-60.7-25.9-10.7-26.4
Crab gill net671478201131731,536564318209107791,277-15.9-33.54.0723.1-54.3-16.9
Other gill nets114248295501188257711321778166651-32.5-54.4-26.456.040.7-21.1
Squid cast net with light23236557021481,236147385877561211,586-36.65.553.9166.7152.128.3
Set bag net22281-47981023-23570-54.5-17.9-100.0 -25.5-28.6
Trap3822853-37500413242236981041,0938.1764.3345.3 181.1118.6
Push net291391462902241,4581774452831111261,142-39.213.8-38.723.3-43.8-21.7
Lift net------373382232132      
Hook and line1438074110187594143793785604040.0-1.3-50.0-22.767.9-32.0
Clam dredge2413439-11989515--65-62.5-61.9-87.2 -100.0-67.2
Whole Kingdom2,1902,1322,0164001,2277,9651,9461,8761,9986451,0737,538-11.1-12.0-0.961.3-12.6-5.4

Sources: 1) 1985 Marine Fishery Census of Thailand, p. 204–207

2) 1995 Marine Fishery Census, Whole Kingdom, p. 166–167

Note: The classification by SEAFDEC (1976) of small-scale fishery is of the following gear:

(1) pomfret gill net, (2) shrimp gill net, (3) other gill nets, (4) squid cast net, (5) cast net, (6) acetes scoop net, (7) scoop net, (8) white board for catching shrimp, (9) collecting shellfish, (10) others

Table 4.9 Main fishing gear by type and size of fishing boats, 1995

Main Fishing GearsUnpowered Boats%Outboard-powered Boats%Inboard-powered BoatsTotal%
Under 10 G.T.%10–49 G.T.%50 G.T. & over%
1) Trawl nets  1,0282.821,34919.483,52153.781,32873.497,22613.25
Otter board trawl- - 1,32019.062,76042.1680044.274,8808.95
Pair trawl- - 290.4276111.6252829.221,3182.42
Beam trawl- 1,0282.8200.0000.0000.001,0281.89
2) Surrounding nets50.181910.521802.605438.2936920.421,2882.36
Anchovy purse seine- 1090.301081.561692.58281.554140.76
Mini Thai purse seine50.18820.2310.0110.0200.00890.16
Thai purse seine- - 170.252503.8220811.514750.87
Luring purse seine- - 140.20350.53653.601140.21
Mackerel purse seine- - 340.49761.16321.771420.26
Chinese purse seine- - 00.0020.0300.0020.00
Bonito purse seine- - 10.0190.14361.99460.08
Rocky fish surrounding net- - 50.0710.0200.0060.01
3) Beach seine471.661070.2900.0000.0000.001540.28
4) Clam dredge10.04600.16190.27460.7000.001260.23
5) Lift nets49817.621,5724.32640.92671.0210.062,2024.04
Anchovy stick held lift net- 190.05400.58410.6310.061010.19
Black pomfret lift net- 320.0940.06200.3100.00560.10
Crab portable lift net45215.991,1773.23140.2020.0300.001,6453.02
Acetes dip net240.85710.1900.0010.0200.00960.18
Fish lift net20.07460.1320.0300.0000.00500.09
Other lift nets200.712270.6240.0630.0500.002540.47
6) Falling nets2057.257081.9474910.8294014.36221.222,6244.81
Squid falling net- 1440.406849.8888313.49191.051,7303.17
Anchovy stick held box net- 10.00620.90570.8730.171230.23
Other cast nets2057.255631.5530.0400.0000.007711.41
7) Gill nets and entangling nets
King mackerel gill net- 460.13270.391191.82191.052110.39
Mackerel gill net130.461,5344.212543.67630.9600.001,8643.42
Mullet gill net1916.761,8525.08490.7150.0800.002,0973.85
Whiting gill net200.711,0172.79650.94210.3200.001,1232.06
Crab gill net1103.895,79715.911,08515.671922.9300.007,18413.17
Shrimp gill net41714.768,47623.2798414.211342.0500.0010,01118.36
Cuttle fish trammed net10.043230.89140.20120.1800.003500.64
Mackerel encircling gill net10.041880.52310.45691.05130.723020.55
Other gill nets28510.082,3516.451151.66510.7820.112,8045.14
8) Traps48917.304,79313.1684212.162493.8020.116,37511.69
Fish trap1073.797952.18320.46120.1800.009461.73
Squid trap20.071,2143.335858.452283.4820.112,0313.72
Shrimp trap842.978862.4310.0100.0000.009711.78
Crab trap2528.921,2513.432042.9560.0900.001,7133.14
Small grouper trap311.106061.66160.2310.0200.006541.20
Other traps130.46410.1140.0620.0300.00600.11
9) Bamboo stake trap100.351230.34230.33180.2700.001740.32
10) Set bag net2027.151,5334.21570.82130.2000.001,8053.31
11) Push net- 2,4496.726489.364486.84462.553,5916.58
12) Hook and line2278.031,7334.763645.26350.5350.282,3644.33
13) Miscellaneous1043.685491.5160.0910.0200.006601.21
Whole Kingdom2,826100.0036,430100.006,925100.006,547100.001,807100.0054,535100.00

Source: 1995 Marine Fishery Census, Whole Country, p. 36–41

Notes: 1) According to the Marine Fishery Census, small-scale fishery use no boats, unpowered boats, outboard-powered boats and inboard-powered boats of under 10 gross tonnage, whereas commercial fishery use inboard-powered boats of 10 and higher gross tonnage;

2) According to the SEAFDEC guideline, small-scale fishery use the following gear: (1) pomfret gill net, (2) shrimp gill net, (3) other gill nets, (4) squid cast net, (5) cast net, (6) acetes scoop net, (7) scoop net, (8) white board for catching shrimp, (9) collecting shellfish, (10) other. Large-scale fishery use the following gear: (1) otter-board trawl, (2) pair trawl, (3) Thai purse seine, (4) Chinese purse seine, (5) luring purse seine, (6) anchovy purse seine, (7) Spanish mackerel gill net, (8) mackerel encircling gill net, (9) bamboo stake trap.

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