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This study involves both a desk study of two Marine Fishery Censuses of Thailand and a field study of two small fishing communities: Sai Dang Village, Ranong Province and Koh Maphrao Village, Phuket Province, Thailand.

For the desk study, I am very grateful for the assistance given by Ms. Aumaporn Tunprasert, who did all of the tables and figure and most of the typing. For the field survey in Ranong, I would like to thank Dr. Sophon Makethon, Head of the Provincial Public Health Office, who willingly allowed me to have 10 of his personnel as interviewers. For the field survey in Phuket, I also am appreciative of the same assistance given to me by Dr. Boonriang Chuchaisangrat, who not only permitted me to have his personnel for the interviews, but also provided useful insights on fishermen and their problems.

I am also thankful to the various individuals, whose names are too many to be here mentioned, whom I went to talk with both in Bangkok, Ranong and Phuket to obtain their insightful information relevant to this research project.

Lastly, I thank Dr. Veravat Hongskul, Dr. Surapon Sudara, Mr. Somsak Chullasorn, Dr. Ruangrai Tokrisna and Dr.Mingsarn Kaosa-ard who provided me with useful information and many relevant materials for review. I appreciate Mr. Jate Pimonjinda, Director of the Andaman Sea Fisheries Development Center in Phuket, for the useful conversation on fishery and for the provision of transport while I was in Phangnga and Phuket. Special thanks go to Dr.Mingsarn Kaosa-ard and Dr. Veravat Hongskul for their moral support.

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